I am a Conservative who is very involved in Politics.


    Immigration Reform

    We need immigration reform however before any deal is drafted or agreed to we must first secure our border. I have put forth a plan of how to secure our borders.  My plan is we must build a new modern fence that keeps illegals out of our country and it makes it much harder for them to try to climb. Also my plan calls for an Immigration | Read More »


    Syria and Iran Stance Right now in Syria 70,000 people are dying because of Assad’s power trip. We as a country haven’t done a damn thing to stop these killings. We have yet to impose a no fly zone, we have sent aid in there but it has yet to get into the hands of the opposition. The Administration refuses to intervene in any way | Read More »

    Assad needs to be stopped

    We cannot stand by and allow President Assad to continue killing his people. Assad crossed the line when he killed his people.  President Obama has yet to intervene and he said that if Assad crosses the line and uses chemical weapons he will interfere well has the president seen the Intel reports Assad has used them.  70,000 men, women and children have died this is | Read More »

    Our Budget

    It is April 5, 2013 and the president is just working on a federal budget wow he is late. This is not the way a president should lead. President Obama wants to cater to members of his own party vs. compromising with the Republicans. The Republicans in the house have a budget that will put us back on track to creating jobs and having money. | Read More »