Clever Visual Explanation of US Debt & Budget Cuts

    McCain Ayotte Health Care & Spending

    Senator McCain came to New Hampshire this weekend to co-host a town hall meeting with Kelly Ayotte the former New Hampshire AG. Senator McCain is supporting Ayotte’s bid to fill the empty Senate seat being vacated by Senate Republican Judd Gregg. The first question was to Kelly Ayotte about her recent trip to the VA. Ayotte, whose husband is an Iraq war veteran, voiced her | Read More »

    Hypocrisy from Obama : Ignorance From the Media

    In the following CSPAN clip Senator McCain addresses the numerous back room deals and political favors included in the Health Care Bill. He goes on to explain that during the campaign both he and President Obama agreed to change the way things were done in Washington. That clearly there was no ‘change’ in the ‘politics as usual’ style that resulted in this bill with its | Read More »

    Senator Barrasso: This Type of Legislation Would Have Cost My Wife Her Life

    Senator Barrasso brings an interesting perspective to the health care debate as doctor/orthopedic surgeon. However, it is his experience as the husband of a breast cancer survivor that provided one of the most compelling moments of last Saturday’s health care debate from the Senate floor. Senator McCain asked Senator Barrasso about how advisory boards factor into the proposed health care legislation… Mr MCCAIN. Now that | Read More »

    Petition Opposing Public Option

    From sponsored email… Taxpayers simply cannot afford this government takeover of our health care system and this is our opportunity to put an end to it. That’s why I urge you to add your name to this petition showing your opposition to government-run health care. We still have an opportunity to stop the Democrats’ public option from becoming law, but I need to know | Read More »

    #BeatCancer with Social Media

    Tip for the day… Anyone who uses Facebook or Twitter include the hash tag #beatcancer in your posts to raise money for cancer related charities. Each Tweet or Facebook post raises $.01, the goal being that the more it is spread through people’s networks, the more people re-tweet and re-post, the potential for money raised rises exponentially. Cool way to raise money for a good | Read More »

    The President and His Photo Ops

    President Obama has attempted to sell his health plan to the American people on two previous occasions by by standing in front of a large group of supportive nurses. Yet this failed to do the trick so this time President Obama invited two doctors from each state in the union to the White House to show people out there that there really are professionals that | Read More »

    White House’s Big Health Care Push

    According to the New York Times, the White House is implementing a big health care push, and wil be pulling out all the stops to get its reform agenda passed… Taking Health Care Courtship Up Another Notch After months of cutting deals and stroking drug makers, hospitals and doctors, the president’s aides are laying the groundwork for a final round of Congressional arm-twisting, with Mr. | Read More »

    Dems Again Vote Against Transparency

    For the second time this year the Democrats have voted against transparency and by voting against posting a bill online 72 hours before it the vote. Transparency was a huge theme in the last election, this administration claimed it would be the most transparent in history, and while this vote is not President Obama fault, it shows that the Democrats, as a whole, are not | Read More »

    Federal Deficit Numbers Jump Dramatically

    As previously reported the Federal Deficit is Soaring with estimates for this year being between $1.6 trillion or $1.8 trillion. Now the projected deficit for the next 10 years is up $2 trillion. There are so many disturbing elements to this ever expanding deficit, not least of which is how the U.S. economy will recover with this level government debt. As the deficit shoots upwards | Read More »