I am in the tail end of the baby boomers who was raised in a very conservative family and who currently works in healthcare, while keeping my sanity as an arts and crafts entrepreneur.


    Arizona Redistricting in Trouble: HELP! Updated 7/3 Courtesy of Ruth McClung

    As everyone politically up to date is fully aware, states are in the process of redistricting following the results of the 2010 census.  Where and how the lines are drawn are extremely important, especially in acurately representing the composition of the state’s voters.  For conservatives, who won the overwhelming number of statehouses and Governor’s mansions in the 2010 elections, this is the hot fudge sunday | Read More »

    Maricopa County Lincoln Day Luncheon

    I promised to post an update when I had some news from the PC front.  This is the next installment of my odessy becoming a representative to the local Republican Party.  Our apparently annual event, the Lincoln Day Luncheon, took place today for Maricopa County AZ.  Many of our elected officials were represented from various levels, Congresscritters through school board members, and Sheriff Joe and | Read More »

    On the Road to PC (Precinct Committeeman)

    Perhaps this should be just a simple posting, rather than a diary, but I did want to promote the ongoing volunteerism of becoming a PC, in this so-not-PC political climate we are facing.  I am following in the large and awesome footsteps of ColdWarrior and others who have been regular proponents of becoming a Precinct Committeeman.  I filled out and turned in my application this | Read More »

    The Problem with Pawlenty for 2012

    As we turn the last corner on 2010 rounding the bend into 2011, the list of POTUS wannabes is growing.  Some are ‘legacy’ candidates who ‘have done their time’ in the GOP and have built the feeling that they ‘deserve their chance’ at being the nominee, in the mold of a Dole or McCain of recent contests.  Some bring cred as high dollar fundraisers; some | Read More »

    On Elitism, Tea Parties, 2012 Wannabees, and a Sea Change

    Perhaps this is a bit early, and to those who wish to stay focused only on the coming conflict, I intend no stumbling block 8 days out.  However, I do believe this is germane to the ongoing saga of the mighty shift in American politics for the next years’ time.  It speaks to the endurance of the people, those who have given in every way they | Read More »

    Here Comes the Health Plan Cuts for 2011

    Well, here it comes, folks.  We are well into the season in which companies roll out the changes in the next year’s health insurance options. A little late, as the HR folks on my call today acknowledged, but they are ‘dealing with such a huge volume of new regulation and cost changes’ that they have had a huge team (read all of the legal and | Read More »

    In Memoriam……to a Job Not Taken

    I just received my mail-in ballot and have been pouring over it with my parents as we decide how we want to vote for the slate of offerings in our sector of the liberal badlands of Arizona known as Tucson.  We debate and discuss, and for the very most part, agree on the details as we come to grips with the choices we have before | Read More »

    Two Judicial Standards

    As I was listening to conservative talk radio on my drive home this evening, the juxtaposition of a couple of items caught my attention.  I wasn’t really going to post on it, because I thought the information might be just so self evident, but then I reconsidered. The two items were as follows: First the recent Appeals Court decision on the decision by a federal judge to | Read More »

    Is Anyone Awake in Arizona?

    Okay, how many of y’all caught John McCain on Sean Hannity’s show this evening?  Anyone?  Anyone?  The words of the segment were “Terrible”, “Awful”, to everything that Sean asked John. Do you think the leaking and release of the 90,000+ military secrets should be labeled treason?, asked Sean.  All McCain was missing as he intoned “Terrible….Awful” was the hand-wringing that went with his facial expression | Read More »

    Why is John McCain Spending so Much Campaign Cash?

    For some reason, many here at Red State and elsewhere seem to feel that JD Hayworth’s challenge to John McCain is a lost cause, and are determined to jump on McCain’s bandwagon while simultaneously disregarding his penchant for turning on the very folks who support him.  Their reasoning leaves me significantly puzzeled, but they are welcome to their opinions.  I am curious about other considerations than | Read More »