Background chatter from DNC

    As I channel surfed looking for something more interesting than the DNC, I did occasionally stop and listen to a few of the speakers. What I noticed was that in all but the A-list speakers, there was a lot of background chatter. With every pause of a speaker, you could hear the attendees going at it with a dull roar. Is this there standard? Will | Read More »

    DNC’s interfaith gathering tonight

    “How do you kick off a week-long celebration to showcase our Party’s nominee, our strength, our diversity and our shared values? Watch this video as DNCC CEO Rev. Leah Daughtry talks about the first ever Convention interfaith gathering — the first official event of the 2008 Democratic National Convention.” Can you say blatant attempt to attract evangelicals? No doubt the dems will walk away feeling | Read More »

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    Navy destroyer doesn’t destroy

    The Navy’s guided missile destroyer McFaul arrived in Georgia today, not with guns blazing but loaded with 72 pallets of humanitarian aid. Granted, 72 pallets isn’t a lot – a pallet represents a volume of the standard sized pallet you see at home depot about 4 feet high – but it does represent a huge effort for a small ship designed to something other than | Read More »