A Presidential Race!

    Hello everyone. In case you haven’t noticed, we live in very interesting times.  It would be hard for anyone conscious not to notice, but for the few of you who haven’t recognized it yet, we *do.* And in keeping with the “interesting” part of interesting, I’ve decided to comment a little here again.  From time to time.  As unobtrusively as possible and with as much | Read More »

    The Administration is About to Allow Iraq to Slide Into the Abyss

    It’s a very short post, but here’s the news: The Obama Administration, I think, is raising the Big Shiny Object of Iraqi failure just as Egypt is about to fall into the abyss: Judging from the articles at the Financial Times, the New York Times, and the Washington Post, the pretext creation of “Iraq as Failure” has been ramped up to an extremely high volume. | Read More »

    Wendy Button flips out at the New York Times

    [Update: It didn’t occur to me at first, but with a second read of Button’s article, it struck me that this op-ed at the NYT is a pretty good antithesis narrative direct rip off of the article about Sandra Froman (former President of the NRA) from 2006, published in the Stanford University alumni magazine: “Top Gun.” The antiparallels are striking. It’s almost like Button decided | Read More »

    Talking about anything on Redstate is Useless

    As of tonight, I’ve come to the conclusion that talking about any serious subject on Redstate is almost completely useless. The blog should completely close down all the comments and user diaries, and should disallow comments entirely except if allowed by the person who creates the post. It should be a straight-up right-wing opinion journal with no apologies. No more BS, very much like the | Read More »

    Society of Needs – The Lanza Diaries

    [This was a post in reply to a thread farther down. I decided to delete that post with an apology and repost my entire response as a new diary entry. I hope this doesn’t break “the rules”.] We’re not a Republic of Needs and thank God we’re not. The technocracy is doing its best at every turn to decide what people need and how much | Read More »

    Gun Control is OUR Responsibility. It is also MY Responsiblity. E Pluribus Unum.

    As promised, this is what I’ve already written. [As a preface, I would also like to say to Charles Schumer: yes it is true that I criticize the National Rifle Association and its leaders, particularly when I think they’ve made statements or comported themselves in a way that I found embarrassing. That doesn’t mean I don’t support them otherwise, though. We’re often toughest on the | Read More »

    The NRA Blew It

    Well, there’s one thing about apocalyptic predictons: they often become apocalyptic realities. After watching the news conference today, I can conclusively say that the National Rifle Association needs new leaders – from top to bottom – not because of what they said, but because of how they said it, which was one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever witnessed. I thought about cueing up | Read More »

    Now the Motive Is More Elusive Than Ever

    Walking back the statement that information establishing a motive in the Newtown massacre had been found is continuing at warp speed today.  According to the Washington Post this morning, there might not be an official statement of Adam Lanza’s motive until after President Obama takes action on gun control regulations – if such a statement is ever forthcoming. Here’s the article. “In the initial hours | Read More »

    Arming a School Teacher or Administrator or Two (Thousand) Is a Good Idea

    I’d just like to say something quickly here tonight about the controversy about the proposals for some school teachers and administrators to be allowed to arm themselves and carry a weapon, and have one (or more) immediately available in an emergency situation: It’s a good idea, and it’s an idea we should have advanced a long time ago.  In addition to other ideas we’re all | Read More »

    Don’t Know or Haven’t Said??? Or What???

    There’s some really important information that was supposed to have existed in the immediate aftermath of the shooting in Newtown that has vanished from everyone’s visibility:  the motive of the criminal established by evidence found at the scene or at his home: If people recall, in the first 24-48 hours after the massacre, the State Police in Connecticut were quoted by the media as saying | Read More »

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