Things are looking great!

No, seriously folks, things are looking great these days from the point of view of Republicans and Conservatives. It’s one of those perspectives that comes from watching everything happen exactly as you said it would, even though it’s unpleasant.

First of all, Republicans are starting to realize they shouldn’t act like Democrats any longer. Never should have in the first place, but I guess some of them were counting on mulligans.

Second we have Nancy Pelosi saying to the Chinese that every aspect of everyone’s lives has to be subjected to inventory — which inventory I can suppose will be conducted by the federal government in excruciating detail. Again, not that much of a surprise.

We have the Prez. talking about how Jeffrey Katzenberg made him King at the same moment Burris’ tapes are released in which he admits Rod Blagojevich was going to make Burris king…

We have the President’s Press Secretary telling people “who are a part of the debate” to be VERY CAREFUL about what they say, GET IT, pal? when it comes to Sotomayor. Question for the audience: since when did the President’s Press Secretary officially consider it a part of his/her job to chill free speech with pronouncements like that?

We have Obama’s first SC pick, who is an identity politics liberal whose 2nd Amendment views are essentially that the 2nd Amendment only applies to Obama’s Army…

We have enormous amounts of stimulus money going to places where there aren’t any unemployed people on a hugely disproportionate basis…

We have North Korea restarting the Korean War while waiting for American checks cashed by the U.S. State Department to arrive…

We have Iran still disavowing that it’s helping the North Koreans…

And we have Harry Reid’s spokesman saying with a straight face that Republicans caused the current financial problems.

Last but certainly not least we have Nancy Pelosi getting away with undermining America’s national security by just shutting her mouth and taking a trip to China.

So folks, with all of this, why are we not in power right now?

Maybe it’s one of those times that will focus the mind and force Republicans to stop whining over their relatively minor differences and get back to the business of winning elections again, without destroying each other. Anyone, anyone?

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