WaPo Watch, Chapter 92102938173742

    The Washington Post just changed its headline trumpeting the “improved” job figures today. Previously it was a “Strong Signal” that the “Recession Was Ending” according to the people who make the news at the Washington Post. Surprisingly Strong Jobs Data Signals Turning Point “The worst may be behind us,” President Barack Obama declared. “Today, we’re pointed in the right direction.” Now it is: Jobs Rate | Read More »

    Rupert Murdoch Leads, and I’m Glad

    Well, it’s been years since anyone took the lead in the news/journalism/blogosphere space but Rupert Murdoch has finally drawn the line in the sand by announcing that News Corp. will charge for its news websites. I agree with him, I think it’s been a long time in coming and is well overdue. The “free content” model of Internet news as it exists today is a | Read More »

    Please Help Me Fight Another 2nd Amend. Attack

    Deval Patrick is at it again with House Bill 4102, which he wants to get out of committee so he can impose a one-gun-a-month restriction on licensed firearm owners, in addition to other restrictions on firearm sales even between family members. If you’re in Massachusetts, please read the release from the NRA-ILA and give me a hand tomorrow calling some of the people on the | Read More »

    Backward on Health Care

    This one’s going to be very short, also. There’s a big problem with the way the health-care debate in this country is being framed by both Republicans and Democrats. Maybe it’s the way the media reports it, but nevertheless, the main problem in health care is cost. When anyone talks about health care, they talk first about insuring the uninsured and expanding coverage, and cost | Read More »

    Quick Thoughts On Palin

    This morning I was woken up by a phone call from my aunt after having been awake for more than 24 hours working on a marathon job and — wham — she clocks me with the news about Sarah Palin resigning in Alaska. There’s nothing like an abrupt wake up call to get the most candid thoughts out of you, groggy and surprised, so let | Read More »

    Re-Greetings to Everyone and: Perseverance.

    Hello everyone. I’m kind of the Jim Anchower of Redstate after the past year, because it’s really been a long time since I’ve rapped at ya, and it’s because I’ve been up to my ass in alligators in a swamp I didn’t want to wade in. In the past year, one of the most important things that I’ve come to understand is perseverance. Things hit | Read More »

    Things are looking great!

    No, seriously folks, things are looking great these days from the point of view of Republicans and Conservatives. It’s one of those perspectives that comes from watching everything happen exactly as you said it would, even though it’s unpleasant. First of all, Republicans are starting to realize they shouldn’t act like Democrats any longer. Never should have in the first place, but I guess some | Read More »

    Not Countenancing Wrong

    I just want to make a simple statement tonight; it’s been a long time since I commented here with a diary but this is important, so I’ll keep it brief. There seems to be some confusion about why Republicans are identified with the pro-life point of view, and what that means. It’s very simple: people shouldn’t be allowed to kill their children with taxpayer funds, | Read More »


    What are American Newspapers going to Do?

    I know that feeling sorry for the Washington Post and the New York Times isn’t something that comes naturally to people here at Redstate, so I won’t ask you to do that. Instead I’d like to just ask a few questions as a disinterested observer (since I subscribe to neither, and I don’t own any stock): What are these newspapers going to do with themselves? | Read More »

    Ben Bernanke’s Childhood Home Sold In Foreclosure

    The Wall Street Journal (ht: Drudge) is reporting that the boyhood home of Ben Bernanke has been put on the block and sold in a foreclosure action. The Bernanke family sold the property more than 10 years ago and the most recent owners couldn’t make the payments. The town of Dillon, South Carolina has an unemployment rate almost twice the national average and like many | Read More »