I’m Supporting Grover Norquist

    Hi folks, I just wanted to say this evening that with all the hubbub about how so-called Republicans are splitting off from the group they were never much a part of anyway, I’d like to remind people: I support Grover Norquist and Americans for Tax Reform, and you should too. Don’t let the WaPo’s “chip chip” become the “drip drip” in this post-election season. You | Read More »

    My Hurricane Sandy Experience

    Very briefly, Around 4:30 in the afternoon yesterday, just as Sandy was unleashing  its final beachfront assault against New Jersey,  I was eating a nice corned beef sandwich and a perfect dill pickle, watching the NOAA Water Vapor loop from Drudge over the Internet.  Then about 10 seconds later we lost power. Bzzzzt.  Blink.  Bzzzzzzzzzzt….blin….blink……BRIGHT….bzzt.  DARK.   FLASHLIGHT BEAM!  Where’s the Flashlight?  Ok you know you | Read More »

    Song(s) of the Evening

    In keeping with my occasional practice of posting “Songs of the Day” for memorable days and evenings, here are my selections for tonight’s debate. The songs themselves are more than compelling enough to make up for any lack of verbosity on my part.  My reasons for choosing them are mine and mine alone, and rather than go into a dissertation about why I chose them, | Read More »

    My Advice to Paul Ryan

    Paul Ryan is a very intelligent young man, and he’s an honest man, and he’s also someone who can think on his feet. When I think of my advice to him going into tomorrow night’s debate, I only have a few things to say.  He’s probably heard a lot more from a lot of other people, so I’ll keep it simple: 1) You’re debating an | Read More »

    Schumer and Biden Speak Out for Traditional Values

    Maybe it’s just gone unnoticed here in the past couple of days, but both Joe Biden and Charles Schumer now have big news splashes describing how they’re standing up for Traditional Values recently. The first one comes from the New York Times: Senator, Senator Make Me A Match:  For Staff, Schumer is Cupid “Have kids; have a lot of kids,” Mr. Schumer, who has two | Read More »

    Who Knew Joe Biden Was Also Al Sharpton?

    I mean, I am SHOCKED.  Today’s comments by the Vice President (spoken through his faux “black man” accent, through his gleaming teeth) have to be the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard or seen from someone so close to the Presidency in this country.  It’s really kind of amazing.  I never knew Joe Biden wanted to be an actor portraying a race-baiter, but there it | Read More »

    Mork to Drudge: Guns Already Are Regulated

    Very short post.  All day long Drudge has been doing something weird – it seems to me – with Scalia’s statements about regulations of firearms, which are just about the most obvious thing in the world.  Maybe Matt Drudge doesn’t know it, but nothing Scalia said is any surprise at all. “Scalia Warns: Guns May Be Regulated.” No ***t.  Wow, ain’t that a corker. Well, | Read More »

    Romney’s 2nd Amendment Record in MA

    Since this is becoming a minor issue today with Romney speaking before the NRA convention and the Washington Post using *democrats* who are opposed to his record to attempt to describe Romney’s record here in MA, it’s important to re-post this link. Don’t believe the hype.  Romney was a pro-2nd Amendment governor during his tenure here in MA.  I have every reason to believe he | Read More »

    Father Knows Best vs. Father Knows Less Than Nothing

    Right here in this very post you will find the answer to all of the cultural questions you might have from the past 60 years.  It’s all here, in a nutshell.  Like anything else, it has been about the roles of the sexes in our society, and particularly the role of men, but also the role of women in relation to men: Matt Groening finally | Read More »

    Ok I’m all done being angry at Neil

    Sorry, everyone for the kerfuffle.  I was pretty steamed at Neil the other night for summarily de[publishing] my post that (really, truthfully) broke the message that Marco Rubio had endorsed Romney.  I understand why he de[published] it – it was too short, it wasn’t much of a post, and it violated the posting rules as such.  At the same time I was upset because I | Read More »

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