If Redstate had a paywall would you subscribe?

    I’ve thought for a long time about it and if Redstate had a paywall and/or a subscription plan to be a part of the blog, I would pay for it. 

    It’s The Social Engineering That’s The Killer

    Very short post.   On March 1st, I wrote a post , a little tongue-in-cheek, about Energy Secretary Chu’s dustup in his testimony before Congress regarding the Administration’s view of increasing

    Guns and Civility in the United States

    Hello everyone.  I mean this post as a little bit of a poll and also because I’m willing to take a personal risk if enough people think it’s important that

    What’s So Surprising About $8.00/Gallon Gasoline?

    As per my usual these days, I’d just like to ask a simple question: Why is anyone so surprised that this Administration’s Energy Secretary said what he said and then

    A Google Doodle for Gagarin, but not for Glenn

    Short post: Today, February 20, 2012 –  in addition to being “President’s Day” – is the 50th anniversary of John Glenn’s successful three-orbit mission aboard Friendship 7.  He was the first

    Three Serious Questions

    I have a few serious questions given the outcome of the CPAC straw polling. Jonathan Gruber has just published a cartoon-based graphic novel that purports to explain, in a format

    Well Ain’t That a Corker

    Romney wins the CPAC straw poll in an almost dead heat with Santorum and Gingrich in a very distant third place and all his money running out.   I take it from

    I’m A-Switchin’

    I’m taking advantage of the fact that as Kowalski, who on Redstate founded the concept of making long, extemporaneous comments to oneself, I’m allowed occasionally to also write a two

    Simple Question

    It’s a simple question: If Obama decided that he was going to lose with Biden as his VP on the ticket, what is the absolute latest date he *COULD* switch Biden

    I Hereby Propose A New National Pastime

    Ladies and gentlemen, watching the results of the Republican Presidential primary contest the past few weeks has led me to conclude that our national sporting events are sadly outdated.  In

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