I Hereby Propose A New National Pastime

    Ladies and gentlemen, watching the results of the Republican Presidential primary contest the past few weeks has led me to conclude that our national sporting events are sadly outdated.  In particular, our National Pastime needs to be radically redefined. We need to replace baseball with my new hybrid sport: “Full-Contact Poker Foot Chess” This will be a hybrid sport that synthesizes the best of full-contact | Read More »

    Now for something completely different

    Everyone is consumed with the Presidential horse race in this country and there are good reasons why they are. But just for a second, I’d like to comment on a headline on Drudge today, which has ostensibly nothing to do with the race for U.S. President … except in terms of the foreign policy of our current administration.  It’s here at the Financial Times: The | Read More »

    If I Had Dynamite For Brains I Couldn’t Blow My Mind Tonight

    Very short, and not recommend worthy, maybe, but a thought tonight on the eve of the Iowa Caucuses, or Iowa Caucii as they’re being called here on Redstate tonight.  They’re certainly the most cockeyed caucii I’ve seen in a long time. By Howard Cosell, with posthumous apologies to Howard Cosell.  I love you, Howard.  Please don’t strike me down. It’s a heck of question to | Read More »

    I’m endorsing three candidates [Updated]

    [I made a couple of minor edits and fleshed it out a bit more.  The overall arc is the same.] Here is where I go off the rails and tell people that I’ve finally decided on which candidate I like the best and tell them whom to vote for. I’ve decided to endorse three of them, in this order: 1) Rick Perry, current Governor of | Read More »

    Will Chelsea Clinton Run For President Now?

    I think after watching her performance in her newfound (apparently an epiphany after all the years of avoiding being contacted by the media) role, that it’s perfectly clear: Chelsea Clinton is going to run for President in 2016 or 2020. Yes, we’re off to a slow start, it’s a boring start, but Amanpour has already stepped down and now Chelsea Clinton gets out of the | Read More »

    That sounds like a trick question from Johnny Dangerously…

    Human Events is running an ad here on this site that invites people to take a survey about Herman Cain’s candidacy. Fine, as far as that goes, but why does the first question have to be complete nonsense and totally unanwserable the way it’s phrased? Here’s the question: Herman Cain has recently come under fire for sexual harrassment allegations that have surfaced from his days | Read More »

    Is the “Eurozone Crisis” a Money Pump?

    The markets fall several hundred points in a day.  Today the DJIA is down more than 3%.  Then tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, they’ll rise.  Then they’ll fall precipitously as everyone swoons 500 points over the next phase of the Eurozone crisis.  Then they’ll rise again as better news emerges – for a day or two, as the news of a new deal in | Read More »

    Listen up!

    I’ve been watching this whole Herman Cain/Rick Perry/Mitt Romney/Anonymous Donks fracas over the past few days on my cellphone and I have something to say finally. First of all, I’ve been watching it on my cellphone (Samsung Galaxy S, Android over Verizon, nice phone, works great, cheap) because my power has been out since last Saturday.  It was finally restored 20 minutes ago and I | Read More »

    Time to Support the Good Guys

    Ladies and gentlemen of Redstate, this is going to be my last post [scratch that, I have the feeling this is just getting started] on this debt ceiling/cap/balance subject.  I only have a few words to say and I hope that any lack of eloquence on my part doesn’t reflect negatively on the importance of the matter we have before us at this moment. It’s | Read More »

    Isn’t Social Security supposed to be completely funded?

    I just have a simple question. One of the things Geithner has done during the past couple of weeks while mentioning “coffers” is to insinuate that the United States Government can’t be “guaranteed” to have enough money to fund next month’s issuance of Social Security checks. Does that money really exist there?  If not, where did that money go? If Geithner and Obama’s threat not | Read More »