Lemonade For America – A Nonprofit Corporation

    Just a short post: We keep hearing about all these lemonade stands around the country being shut down by bureaucrats in municipalities because the kids haven’t obtained the requisite permitting.  It’s a shame, because running a lemonade stand in the summertime is something that children have traditionally done to introduce themselves to entrepreneurship and running a business – they’re being held back by the red | Read More »

    Tips on How To Survive the Obama Economy

    For most people in the United States, the past three years have been the toughest of their lives for a couple of generations.  There are a few people who remember the Carter years, when neighbors in suburbs across America were siphoning gasoline from each other’s tanks in the middle of the night in order to avoid the gas-rationing lines in the morning and still get | Read More »

    Legislators in China Today, Worker’s Comp. Tonight

    A lot of Senators are in China today.  They include Harry reid, Dick Durbin, Barbara Boxer, Chuck Schumer, Frank Lautenberg, Jeff Merkley, Michael Bennet, Richard Shelby, Mike Enzi and Johnny Isakson. Nobody knows what they’re doing over there. This afternoon, however, half-page ads have been running on the Washington Post’s website about Chinese workers allegedly exposed to n-Hexane at Apple iPad manufacturing plants there.  They | Read More »

    Donald Trump Can Win

    Tonight there’s a new WSJ poll splashing all over the Drudge Report talking about how Donald Trump is second only to Mitt Romney in popularity among Republican primary voters.  A couple of days ago, The Donald was reported to be doing very well in New Hampshire, also.  I’m not surprised Mitt Romney is the front runner right now.  I knew that he would be.  Large segments of | Read More »

    Rahm Emanuel Wins Contest In Chicago

    This one is just to make you laugh a little. Kinda like a dirty joke. It’s supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, so laugh, OK? I don’t normally re-report Politico stories, but this one is really funny. It seems that The People of Chicagoland have decided who is going to be the next mayor. The race is over. The three or four dozen (ok, maybe hundred) people | Read More »

    When Will Obama’s Actual Birth Certificate Surface?

    [UPDATE:  As of late yesterday afternoon, the Governor of Hawaii is saying in an interview that he’s FOUND IT!  Eureka! Hallelujah! We can all rest easy now, I guess, secure in the knowledge that Barack Hussein Obama is actually, legally and constitutionally, eligible to be the POTUS.  😉 The Governor is going to “do what we can…” whatever that means. “It actually exists in the archives, | Read More »

    Camden New Jersey – Is It Our Future?

    I keep looking at what’s happening in Camden, NJ and I just can’t believe what I’m seeing there.  Or maybe I do believe it and I knew it was coming, but I can’t believe it was allowed to reach this point. For those of you who haven’t been following the apocalyptic tale of Camden, you can find a lot of the reports on Drudge.  They | Read More »

    I’m glad she’s leading our country

    Listen, we don’t want any unstable perons influencing millions of people at a time in America.  Because they might be dangerous, to themselves or others. We don’t seem to have any problems with Oprah Winfrey, though, who admits she ate 30 pounds of macaroni and cheese after having been trounced by “Bride of Chucky” in its opening weekend. “I ate about 30 lbs. worth,” she | Read More »

    What I Would Tell My Children

    [And I’m just getting started. This is just a little foretaste of what I would tell my Children about what America really IS these days. It’s a horrible, dying, fetid, nasty place, full of people who have no common purpose and who actively hate each other. It’s a dead Republic.] Looking back at the past year and the two years before that, this New Year’s | Read More »

    Someone tell John Boehner to Stop Crying

    This is a short diary but it’s on an important subject and there really isn’t much more to be said than this: Someone needs to tell John Boehner to grow the heck up and stop crying in front of every camera thrust in front of him, particularly when he’s being interviewed by Lesley Stahl for 60 Minutes. It was OK to see a sniffle here | Read More »