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    Before we solve the issue of illegal immigration; before we restore and ensure no further erosion of the Second Amendment; before entitlements are reformed, fiscal sanity is instituted and socialist forces in this country are defeated – we must do something first:   We must defeat The Spineless   For the past 20 years or so, the Republican Party has been sliding down a sorry | Read More »


    Why is everyone so surprised? No one who’s been paying attention at all over the past 40 years in Illinois is even batting an eye that Bob Woodward, of all people, has been threatened by the White House. These are folks from Illinois, folks. You know, Daley, Rostenkowski, Blagojevich, Daley, George Ryan, and for you old-schoolers – Dan Walker or Paul Powell – take your | Read More »


    I went through my cable bill (actually, DirecTV) this month and knocked out what I really didn’t need and made a promise to not order any movies that weren’t available on Amazon Prime. When I was done taking a meat cleaver to my DirectTV budget, I had actually reduced my total monthly nut by 1.5%… The government “sequester” is a 1.2% “cut.” Do you see | Read More »

    Nick Searcy Wants to Make You a Star

    I don’t know a lot of international film & television stars, but I know Nick Searcy – and if you knew Nick Searcy – you’d certainly know he is just such a star… probably because he’d tell you. Seriously though, if you do know Nick, you’d know he’s constantly goofing on the industry in which he works – a business filled with folks who will | Read More »

    Roger Ebert is a Jackass

    So I see where the great and powerful Roger Ebert says Clint Eastwood made a fool of himself at the Republican National Convention? After failing miserably at what Mr. Eastwood has mastered, you woke up one day and decided you were now a “movie reviewer,” aka; the lowest form of life. That’s right, after an unsuccessful run at being an artist, you, like nearly every | Read More »

    Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad

    Producers of the HBO hit, “Game of Thrones” aired an episode featuring the bloodied and severed head of George W. Bush on a stake last season. Were they set upon by Secret Service and detained for evaluation or questioned by the FBI? Of course not – all in good fun. Should I bother stating what would happen if it were a Tea Party activist and | Read More »


    To prepare Joe Biden for the vice-presidential debate, Democrats have tapped Congressman Chris Van Hollen to play Paul Ryan… … And to prepare for debating Joe Biden, Paul Ryan is watching re-runs of “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth-Grader?”… The National Weather Service is purchasing large quantities of ammunition, including an order for 46,000 rounds of hollow point bullets.. … Sounds like the work of | Read More »

    Politics on Tap – Humpday Edition

    Organizers have announced that Bill Clinton will be speaking at the Democrat National Convention in November… … Obama promised to give Clinton a prominent role at the convention, and Clinton promised to remove the part of his speech where he nominates Mitt Romney… They’ve also scheduled Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren to speak just before President Clinton… … Instead of a teleprompter, she’ll be using | Read More »

    Today’s Hollywood

    Everything is upside-down. The cool people are deviant, selfish, use drugs, commit crime, cheat on their loved ones and engage in reckless and sociopathic behavior. People who attend services, play by the rules, live clean lives or honor their elders are ignorant chumps and mocked as buffoons. When depicted in television and film, Liberals and Democrats are almost always the compassionate and humanitarian heroes, while | Read More »


    Every once in a generation an investigative reporter is launched into the political zeitgeist, using highly trained instincts, the time-honored tradition of following the money, hard-nosed persistence and some good old-fashioned hard work. Sweating the details, thinking outside the box… You may not have heard of Sabrina Eaton of the Plain Dealer, but you will.. For in the midst of the chaotic, fog of war | Read More »