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    IRS targeted the Leadership Institute

    I worked at the Leadership Institute in Arlington for a little more than four years; it was my first job out of college and one of the most important times of my career. I learned a tremendous amount about the conservative movement, the nature of coalitions, and how political technology was philosophically neutral. I also learned about character and left with a hero: Morton Blackwell. | Read More »

    VA Speaker doubles down on tax hike

    I don’t get to volunteer on campaigns very often anymore, but I do appreciate the opportunity to support candidates and causes financially where I can. No surprise, I’m no stranger to fundraising emails, unfortunately. In someways, they’re like hippies – let a few in the door and soon they take over the place. That said, I do get the occasional interesting pitch. In this case, | Read More »

    Good Santorum

    While it is definitely the season for Republicans to put their candidates through the thresher of primary politics, I think Dan McLaughlin did a great thing by highlighting “Good Newt” in a speech that Gingrich gave to the NRA earlier this year. (Followed by Good Newt Strikes Again) It’s important that while we vet our candidates most notably by focusing on their flaws, we remember | Read More »

    Libya vs. Iraq

    The script writes itself. “I don’t care. Obama is awesome.” Don’t even bother arguing with the Left on this one.

    RedState vs HuffPo

    Well, we’ve seen enough articles over the past week that we can’t stop reading about AOL’s remarkable acquisition of The Huffington Post – at a pretty significant $315m price tag. First, I have to say that the capitalist in me needs to genuinely congratulate Ms. Huffington. To turn her website into the pageview and influence juggernaut it’s become shows real internet acumen. Through a savvy | Read More »

    Dear Michael Steele: Happy Birthday. STFU.

    Most Honorable Chairman of the Republican Party, First, a most happy birthday to you, sir. And what could be better than celebrating your 52nd in Columbus, Ohio. Of course, the best we can say about that is that thank God you’re actually in a state that matters this year. For today, anyway. But seriously, it was such a joy to read in Politico about the | Read More »

    Hey, thanks Switzerland

    Sigh. Switzerland has ruled the famed film director will not be extradited to the United States, from where he fled in 1978 after pleading guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old girl. How depressing to see this scumbag free, celebrated even. On the other hand, a free Polaski is a great and useful object that can prove quite helpful in identifying the vile apologists that ought | Read More »

    Online training for tea party activists

    There are quite a few great opportunities for committed Tea Party activists to study and develop the skills needed to win elections. Erick’s been talking about and supporting American Majority; and Ned Ryun has a great diary here at RedState. Let me commend to you another great partnership: the Leadership Institute and Tea Party Patriots. LI has launched Morton Blackwell has taken decades of | Read More »

    Dear David Frum

    I know you’re working hard to modernize the Republican party and all the while keeping your boot thumb on the pulse of the conservative movement..but we haven’t been in years. We’ll be over here with the icky Palin people, trying to actually get folks elected. I’m sure when we do, they’ll need a fancy speechwriter or two to polish them up and make them | Read More »

    From The Mailbag

    Oh, how I’ve missed the mailbag. From: kestrel9000 <[email protected]> Date: July 29, 2009 1:34:57 PM EDT To: [email protected] Subject: erick There is still time to stop the Democrats” from providing medical care to the least among us? F**k you, you evil co*ks****r. How do you sleep? If I saw your face I would put a fist in it. Where is Krempasky? You’re a bastard. A | Read More »