Did you hear how Allen West was stabbed in the back by Republicans !

    Mike Savage discussed this yesterday in his radio show about how the republicans gerrymandered his district! I was stunned since he was one of the stars of the republican congress

    How come Rove, Dick Morris & even Barone were fooled?

    The supposedly smart guys on the republican side got the elections wrong?  were they drinking the kool-aid from Romney campaign? also, all the polls had Dems +11 or +8 advantagelikely

    Biden, not Obama, has created more hope!

    When Obama ran in 2008, many people rightfully said that it would be a turning point for the US & one can look at any kid in this country & say

    Et tu Christie!

    Did Christie throw the life line for Obama?  If yes, why….this is the trillion $$ question today everywhere!! None of the other governors even mentioned Obama in fact Bloomberg did

    The Speaker & Ohio!

    Regarding the presidential elections, most experts are saying that whoever wins Ohio has the best chance of winning the elections. Has anyone noticed that the Speaker of the House (3rd

    What will Bob Schieffer do?

    We know how the three debates went…Lehrer was most neutral & let the candidates have at it!  Martha got the message from her lib media friends & tried her best

    Romney, please stay on the attack!

    Conservatives  Tea Partyers are proud of Romney for clearly pointing out the fallacy of appeasing the extremists.   Please continue …..most Americans with some commonsense support what Romney said. Most of

    Who is a Republican?

    Somebody asked me if I were a Republican in another post? Wanted to list few things that Republicans stood for ….( at least that is what I think they did a

    Should conservatives & tea partyers stand for any principles?

    I read & hear from republicans, even conservatives who have an axe to grind…. it is time to fall behind Romney!  Similar to the argument we heard during the GW Bush days - you cannot

    What is the duty of conservatives who supported Non-Romney

    This post is Not addressed to Rombots —you can continue to keep you head in the sand.  Newt should continue to stay in the race & people should support him