Young Conservative helping fight primary battles on the ground. Learning as much as I can from folks on the ground!


    This is why We Cannot have Nice Things.

    Today the Bundy story has exploded everywhere. The problem is that many conservatives see Federal Agents Stealing Cattle, or Searching for, or Raid Gun Store and start screaming before they investigate. Many organizations do good things and bad things: Raiding Ares Armor (Bad), and shutting down a gun running California Congressman Leland Yee (D) (is it safe to say that he’s pro-small business and pro-gun?). | Read More »


    Dear Reader, I apologize for getting ahead of myself. Allow a brief introduction: I am Raz Shafer’s younger brother, and have been with The Madison Project since October. I’m a 25 year old alumni of Homeschooling K-12 and Texas Tech University with a Major in History and a Minor in Political Science. After spending countless hours volunteering, in 2010 I was the Field Director for | Read More »

    A Conservative walks into a whiskey tasting and meets two Democrat Old Testament Professors

    Education is a critical issue in our Republic. While 2+2=5 and rewriting the Constitution are problems we need to address an even more critical issue. Looking back to what I like to refer to as “The Good Old Days” illiterate “uneducated” citizens would gather to listen to stump speeches actually given on a stump. Many could engage more clearly after having someone read them a | Read More »