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    The Syrian Smokescreen

    In the coming days, the U.S. may take action against President Assad’s regime in Syria, but why now? After a year of arguments for and against engaging Assad’s regime in Syria while tens of thousands were dying, and two alleged chemical weapons attacks have taken place against the president’s direct warning, why only now is the Obama administration considering a strike against Assad? The Obama administration seems to be putting | Read More »

    What Susan Rice’s Promotion Means Going Forward

    So, what does Susan Rice’s promotion to National Security Advisor today tell us about the next three years? First, you can officially forget any chance that Eric Holder will step down unless Congress tries him for perjury. You can also abandon any notion that Lois Lerner, or anyone else at the IRS, will be held accountable unless enough evidence is uncovered that criminal charges can be filed. And | Read More »

    The Great Wall of Obama

    After the ex-IRS Commissioner dodged his way through his Congressional Hearing Friday, Congressional Select Committees are all but certain to be convened to investigate the IRS scandal.  We could also see a House Select Committee on Benghazi.  It’s still too early to tell what will happen with the AP scandal. What we can be sure of is that in all three scandals, the Obama Administration | Read More »

    Where the Real Focus on Benghazi Should Be

    Whew!  I have to ask, can we not have all of these scandals break into the news cycle during finals week?!  After finishing final reports and tests last week, I just now finished watching the entire Benghazi hearing, while trying to keep up with the two new scandals.  It says a lot about the state of our nation’s government when you have to jump between whichever government scandal has | Read More »

    Do or Die For Congress on Benghazi

    Up to this point, the House Oversight Committee has gotten little from the investigation into the Consulate attacks on 9/11/2012 that left four Americans dead, and the Obama administration scrambling to cover up the details just weeks before the presidential election. After running into repeated dead-ends, stonewalling from the White House and State Department, and a hearing with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that | Read More »

    Today’s Tragedy in Connecticut, and the Response

    Today’s tragedy in an elementary school near Danbury, CT. is yet another horrifying reminder that the world is not a safe place. The lives of 20 children, likely an entire class of kindergartners, have been lost, as well as 5 faculty members. I will not waste time arguing what will inevitably turn into yet another debate about guns and the 2nd Amendment in the media, | Read More »

    Two Jokes That Aren’t Funny Anymore

    Over the last four years, Republicans have consistently made two jokes about Pres. Obama that lost all humor on election night, 2012: 1. Barack Obama is the Campaigner-in-Chief 2. The only real job Barack Obama has ever had was as a community organizer. What does a community organizer even do?   Here’s why they aren’t funny anymore. First, it’s true that Barack Obama never stopped | Read More »

    So What Now? The GOP Needs a New Approach

    Stunned. Shocked. Depressed. Demoralized. These are just some of the feelings that Romney voters are going through right now. As I’m typing this, paid conservative opinion makers are typing up their morning columns for various publications blaming Mitt Romney for the 2012 disaster. Anyone who actually buys into what can only be loosely considered intelligent thoughts in these articles is just as lost as the | Read More »

    Another Shrimp on the Election Prediction Barbie, With a Sandy Surprise

    So, here we are….finally. We’re now in the final hours before the voting for the 2012 Presidential election starts. All of the endless polls, the political spin jobs, the god-awful campaign commercials, campaign calls, pundits’ postulating, and traffic jams in swing states caused by the candidates’ motorcades are about to come to an end. Every politically-minded human in the nation who can get their face | Read More »

    Final Debate Review, With a Side of Bayonets and Horses

    Well, I was only partially right about tonight’s debate. As I stated before the debate started, I expected Pres. Obama to come into tonight’s debate aggressive, and he certainly did. He was more than just aggressive, however, oftentimes flashing anger and contempt in his facial expressions, and those emotions also came out in some of his answers, especially his tirade against Mitt Romney on bayonets | Read More »