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    Democrat universal Business taxes are going to cause lots of problems

    Here is an excert from the Financial Times by a reporter in China. China eases taxes for foreign companies By Paul J Davies in Hong Kong China will cut taxes on the profits that foreign companies take out of the country by up to 50 per cent after rules on withholding taxes were relaxed to encourage more overseas investment. The move will also apply to | Read More »

    The Big Problems with Politics now

    I decided to try and make some coherent sense of my increasingly dystopian thoughts about modern politics. Mostly American politics, however a lot of this would apply in other nations as well. We have heard all of the adjectives before, politics today are too shrill, too partisan, ineffective, broken, etc. I will try to make some sense of it all. Since I have called myself | Read More »

    Ok, so your guy, gal, critter, did not win the nomination, what now?

    Your favorite Guy. gal, charleton, whatever, was so WAAAAAAAAAYY better than this evil Romney Squish who is little better than Obama, Amirite? Count ME in that group, I was a big Perry fan and lost out. So what now?  Well here is what now, stop complaining because there is no one of us who is smart enough to know exactly who is the best candidate, | Read More »

    What the hell is going on in California?

    Have the radicals totally taken over? Have they started rounding up conservatives to send to reeducation camps yet?   Here is parts of an article from Washington Times: “”California also became the first state in the nation to require a prescription for obtaining any drug containing dextromethorphan, an ingredient found in many popular over-the-counter cough suppressants, including Robitussin, NyQuil and Dimetapp. Voter identification continued to | Read More »

    It is now official, Peggy Noonan calls Gingrich “Disturbing”

    Peggy Noonan, who once wrote speeches for Ronald Reagan was, and has been someone who has moved in a NON-conservative conservative direction over the years. Now, I will not say that Peggy(not her real name) is not a conservative. She is actually very conservative.  However, (and this is a big however) She has repeatadly, and consistenly attacked every single person who ever made the nati0onal | Read More »

    Why I disagree with Charles Krauthammer

    Ok, I am writing this only from memory so bear with me.   Just a few minutes ago, on The Hannity show, Krauthammer said (I paraphrase) that Newt Gingrich had too much baggage, and that he would “Frighten” much of te electorate.  Well, Historically I say that is Bunk.   Let me state before hand, that I am not a big Gingrich supporter. I actually support | Read More »

    Just a little advice on your investments

    I think that 2012 will be a growth year and 2013 might be really big growth.  I will explain why I think that in a second but first the recommendations. 1) If you hold gold or other metals be thinking about selling. I already sold half of my gold for a small profit and all the rest will be pure gravy. Gold may go up | Read More »

    “Our” House of Representatives to Big Agriculture, Everything is A-OK !

    Congress has failed to reform agricultural subsidies according to this story from WAPO. “”””House keeps farm subsidies, cuts food aid as it passes food and farm spending bill WASHINGTON — The Republican-led House voted to slash domestic and international food aid Thursday while rejecting cuts to farm subsidies. A spending bill to fund the nation’s food and farm programs would cut the Women, Infants and | Read More »

    Herman Cain’s Interview, Will tax cuts really help us now?

    I just saw an interview with Herman Cain on the O’Reilly program.  In this interview Cain touted the now traditional Republican mantra about economic recovery; Tax cuts.  When O’Reilly asked him about lowered government revenues while we are so deep in debt, he responded with the normal supply side response that the economy is not to be viewed with static, but rather dynamic analysis. All | Read More »

    Did Obama just have his Jimmy Carter moment?

    The AP reports this: { FAIRLESS HILLS, Pa. (AP) — Pitching the promise of energy independence, President Barack Obama cautioned Wednesday that it’s going to be tough to transition from America’s oil-dependent economy and acknowledged there’s little he can do to lower gas prices over the short term. “I’m just going to be honest with you. There’s not much we can do next week or | Read More »