Lessons from Gettysburg on the SS tax cut fight

    In war, generals must consider and balance two important aspects: territory and strategy.  Neither of these two is necessarily more important than the other.  You cannot say strategy must always take a back seat to territory or vice versa.  There are equivalent aspects in political war.  The political equivalent to territory is ideals and the equivalent to strategy is, well, strategy.  In war we recognize | Read More »

    A GOP Failsafe Position

    With the Boehner bill stalling in the House, Reid is pushing his bill through the Senate.  The trillion dollar question for the week is, “are there enough Republican squishes in the House to get the Reid bill approved?”  They only need 24 votes.  Are there that many GOP members worried enough about a financial meltdown that they might bolt?  We can argue ourselves whether such | Read More »

    The Nevada Senate race by the numbers

    There are some interesting numbers in the Nevada exit polls.  Democrats were able to keep a turnout advantage of 35% compared to 33% Republican and 32% independent.  However the GOP did make some gains over 2008 when the turnout was 38% D, 30% R, and 32% I.  Republicans increased 3% at the cost of the Democrats while independents remained steady.  The difference for the Dems | Read More »

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    A commercial I would like to see: the money circle scheme

    Scene: a young man dressed in casual but nice clothing standing on a somewhat busy street corner. He is approached by a middle-aged man in a suit. Middle-aged man: “Would you like $10 no strings attached?” Young man, looking somewhat puzzled: “I guess so.” The middle-aged man stops a well-dressed middle-aged woman walking by and starts rummaging through her purse. Middle-aged woman: “Hey, what are | Read More »

    State of House races in MI

    Michigan currently has 15 seats in the US House of Representatives.  Of those 8 are held by Democrats and 7 by Republicans.  There are 3 seats in play this election, all of them held by Democrats.  If we can sweep them, it would change the makeup of the Michigan representatives to 10R/5D.  It would also be a nice contribution to regaining Republican control of the | Read More »

    Sotomayor, Kagan, and the 2nd Amendment

    As Obama’s first nominee to the Supreme Court, Justice Sotomayor testified that the 2nd Amendment was an individual right for every citizen of the United States to bear arms.  In the most recent Supreme Court decision on the 2nd Amendment, she flip-flopped and tried to take away that right.  Sotomayor was confirmed by a vote of 68-31.  No Democrat Senator voted against her.  Here is | Read More »

    Did Webb (D-VA) just kill Obamacare?

    Hat tip Instapundit. Dan Riehl just reported on Riehl World View: Jim Webb: “it would only be fair and prudent that we suspend further votes on health care legislation until Senator-elect Brown is seated.” Wow!

    Lt. Gov. may drop from MI governor’s race

    Heard it on the radio this morning.  Current Lt. Gov. John Cherry (D) may drop out of the MI governor’s race.  Local radio reports: WWJ Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick reports Lieutenant Governor John Cherry is about to drop out of the race for governor because there are many, including some Democrats, who say he can’t win. and Skubick reported Monday night there has been | Read More »

    The Nelson Pariah Project

    Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) is delusional.  He ran as a conservative pro-life Democrat because there is no way that the voters of Nebraska would have voted for any other type of Democrat.  He believes that the almost non-existent “pro-life” provision in the Senate health care bill will provide cover for him.  He is not fooling anybody.  The pro-life groups are not buying it at either | Read More »

    Who are these people?

    The latest Gallup daily tracking poll has President Obama at his lowest job approval rating, 50%. (I think it is among registered voters, not likely voters, but there is no info at the link.) Just as interesting is the weekly job approval by demographic chart comparing the last four full weeks. Among the highlights, Obama gets slightly more approval from females than males, 54% to | Read More »