Sotomayor on stare decisis

    Reading some of the recap of Sotomayor’s hearing on Bench Memos, I get the impression that she is very big on stare decisis, i.e. the attempt to respect and not contradict previous rulings by the same court or higher courts of the same jurisdiction. (As I am no lawyer, I hope I have summarized this concept correctly.) What worries me about this testimony is that | Read More »

    A few thoughts on Sanford and David

    First, your reading assignment is II Samuel 11:1 to 12:25.  It should be beneficial even to those of you who are non-religious conservatives.  Although it is primarily religious, there are some good political lessons here, too.  At the very least, it should give you some insight into the mindset of those of us who are more spiritually oriented. Let me be clear.  I am not | Read More »

    The Co-payment Conundrum

    From the diaries by Kevin. Part of the health care plan problem in the U.S. is that it does not use the free enterprise system as well as it could to contain costs. Some reasons for these problems are federal and state government mandates and regulations. Outside of government regulations however, there is one health care policy that underutilized the power of capitalism to contain | Read More »

    The Truth About Obama’s Healthcare Plan

    Hat tip: Club for Growth This video should turn your blood to ice with fright: What really gets me is the Orwellian use of the term, “single-payer”.  Just who is this payer?  This is just the start.  If it is good for healthcare, why not other important industries like energy?  First they strangle private enterprise with regulations and then they come riding on their white-washed | Read More »

    A little more good news from Iraq

    Despite all the best efforts of the Obama administration, Iraq continues to improve.  For the first time since the beginning of the Iraq war, coalition troop fatalities have dropped to single digitals over the course of a month.  We only lost 9 soldiers in the entire month of March, and half of those were non-hostile fatalities.   There has not been a hostile fatality since | Read More »

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    GOP Senate Idiots

    First, thumbs up to Sen. McCain.  One of his few endearing qualities as a GOP candidate was his record and stance against wasteful government spending especially against pork in general and earmarks in specific.  It is good to see he is continuing that fight as he settles back into his senatorial duties. On the heals of passing their porkulus bill that funded all kinds of | Read More »

    Real Congressional Ethics Reform

    The recent revelations about Senator Dodd’s sweetheart mortgage deal and Congressman Murtha’s troubled ties to pork begging companies have me thinking about ethics oversight in Congress.  Frankly, it is a joke.  There is no incentive for the party in power to police their own members unless the violations are so obvious that the press cannot ignore them.  Also voters in the congressional districts that support | Read More »

    On Republican Tactics

    It has been a few years since I played chess, and quite a few more since I played any serious game of it, but I do remember most of the fundamentals including a simple tactic calling forking. In this maneuver, you move one of your pieces so it simultaneously threatens two (or more) of your opponents pieces. The goal is not to necessarily capture the | Read More »

    MI High School band marches in shame at Obama inauguration

    A local high school marching band from Michigan was invited to march in Obama’s inaugural parade.  Things were going fine and dandy until your typical leftwing ultra-PC group complained that the high school’s mascott, the Chiefs, is insensitive to native Americans.  Unfortenately, instead of fighting this nonsense, the school has caved and will sew patches over the Chiefs logo on their uniforms.  They will also | Read More »


    Fiscal conservatism should have won

    Trot on over to the Club for Growth website. They have a very interesting election poll conducted on Sunday before the vote. It is commissioned by CfG so take the results with that grain of salt. Even so, the numbers are eye-popping. In my own opinion, it can be summed up as the following: the majority of voters favor fiscally conservative policies but they believe | Read More »