You’ll Learn to Like It.

    You’ll learn to like it. That’s the sentiment from the Democrats in regards to the newly passed health care reform. You’ll learn to like it. You may not like it now, but don’t worry. President Obama will be traveling the country, selling this newfound boondoggle to all the rubes and troglodytes who are trying to bitterly cling to their current health insurance. After all, our | Read More »

    Attack of the Health Care Utility Monster!

    Roar! Hide the children! Hide your wallets! Nans and the Progressives have come to claim your money so that they can magically transform it into health care.  Smash. Take that, John Deere. Boom. Take that, Caterpillar. Capitalist swine! We’ll make a Twentieth Century Motor Company out of you yet!* Rawr!   The Progressives (yes, that is what I intend to call them from now on. | Read More »

    The Imposition of Moral Imperatives

    One of the most commonly used and emotionally compelling arguments in favor of health care reform – or any government service, for that matter – is that without it, many people will be dealt undo suffering. The claim is that the job of society, and by extension government, is to act in the best interest of the underprivileged amongst us. If some people cannot afford | Read More »

    Going on a spree of man dates.

      Oops. Sorry. It turns out that “man date” is just a homophone for what I really mean: mandates. Even though I despise the concept of a “man date” – that two males are so inept at making friends that they must be forced to go out as though they were attempting to court each other, leading to the inevitable awkward conversation about nothing – | Read More »

    Good Mourning, America

    [Author’s note: In my time as a writer, fiction has been the primary vehicle by which I convey my ideas. I hope any readers can forgive my indulgence in that particular method of communication to discuss what I see as the future ramifications of the health care bill, shoudl it be enacted into law.] Today is Tuesday, April 4. Today’s a rather cold day; another cold | Read More »

    Take Two of These and Call Me in the Morning [if you’re still alive, that is]

    “Well, the good news is that we’ve stopped the bleeding. It took a couple dozen bandages – which we need to replace them every now and then – but if you look at him you’d never even know there was a problem. The pain? Well yes, we’ve managed to deal with that as well. We’ve given him painkillers, so I don’t think he’s feeling anything | Read More »

    The American Dream Is Dead.

    I’ve heard many people recently who like to say that the American dream is slipping away from the majority of Americans. Usually this is in reference to the fact that people are losing their jobs and homes. Sometimes they refer to the fact that “big business” makes it impossible for the “little guy” to earn a meaningful living. Other times some will say that “the | Read More »

    Egoism and Altruism

    When I was in college, my first introduction to Ayn Rand was in her philosophical writings in regards to ethical egoism, which is the idea that all men, as rational agents, ought to act in their own best interests. At that point in time I could not bring myself to agree with Ms. Rand. I thought that by acting in our own interests we would | Read More »

    The Sanction of the Victim

    In 1957 the ever prescient Ayn Rand published her magnum opus Atlas Shrugged. Though I am ashamed to admit it, I have never before read this novel. I have only recently begun reading this 1069 page tome, and have found myself reading it with a vigor that I have never known in any other piece of literature. In Atlas Shrugged, I have found put to | Read More »

    Religious Relativism – or – Clyburn’s Orwellian Concept of “Christian Charity”

    Democratic House Whip James Clyburn sat down with Dan Gilgoff for an interview in U.S. News. What followed was a Q&A session so full of Biblical misunderstandings and Orwellian doublespeak that anyone with the slightest critical thinking skills and knowledge of Christianity would have to be left scratching their heads. He presented what I like to term “Religious Relativism,” or the notion that the teachings | Read More »