The CT stands for "Corrupt"

I live in Connecticut’s 3rd district, represented in the house by Democrat Rosa DeLauro. DeLauro is so far left that even Zombie Karl Marx referred to her as a “radical left-winger.” DeLauro has been in office since 1991, where she only narrowly claimed victory by garnering 52% of the vote. Since then, no one has ever managed to come quite so close to defeating her. In 2006 and 2008, her Republican opponents managed to get 22% and 20% of the vote, respectively. Not surprisingly, Connecticut’s 3rd district is a hotbed of liberalism, the reasons for which will recognizable in a moment.

CT-03 contains many towns, of which are included New Haven, Hamden, West Haven, North Haven and others. In New Haven, Hamden and West Haven the Republican party is, for lack of a better term, nonexistent. This is a shame, since 1/3 of the population lives in these three cities. In New Haven, fewer than 5% of voters are registered Republicans. In New Haven, it is hard to tell where Yale ends and the city begins, which is the main reason for the heavy Democratic registration. In Hamden, which is a city-suburb of New Haven, the heavy Democratic presence is due to spillover from New Haven.

In fact, in pretty much every town in the district, Democratic registration outnumbers Republican, with Unaffiliated voters outweighing both (in some cases, both combined). But this makes sense, considering how weak and ineffectual both the state and local GOPs are: CTGOP. In the town of North Haven, which is considered heavily Republican, meaning the number of registered Dems and Reps is equal, the RTC doesn’t even have a website. It’s pathetic, to say the least.

I once had the misfortune of attending a North Haven RTC meeting with a friend. We were both treated like outsides, viewed with suspicion and contempt. It may be due to the fact that we were the only people under the age of 30, or it may be due to the fact that we weren’t paying members. Who knows. But the lack of welcomeness made me never want to attend again. That’s the real shame, since it looked to me like 50% of the meeting’s attendees already had one foot in the grave.To make matters worse, the RTC chair divided the members into committees. To the committee on media and communications, she assigned four women who, if you combined their age, would put you somewhere between the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the ratification of the Constitution.

When you couple these facts with the apparent backdoor deals going on between the RTC and DTC, it paints an ugly picture. For instance, every election cycle our State Senator, a Republican, continuously runs unopposed (on two party tickets, to boot!). Meanwhile, our state Representative, a Democrat who somehow also holds the position of Second Selectman in North Haven, faces challengers who receive no support from the RTC… Abysmal corruption.

But back to Rosa DeLauro. DeLauro is a daughter of New Haven, born and raised. Her husband is former Clinton, Gore and Kerry advisor Stanley Greenburg. Being an Italian American, in a district where Italian Americans are a voting caucus all their own, she is a shoe-in. She didn’t even campaign in 2006 or 2008. The NRCC, it would seem, put no money into either of those races.

To put it simply, this seat is Dem safe, probably forever. In the last 75 years, Republicans have held it for only 12. The only good news is that a Republican can be guaranteed to get 20% of the vote, with no campaigning at all! If there is any hope of Republicans to ever win this, it will require a candidate who can make decent inroads into new Haven. If that’s not possible, it will be necessary to whittle away at her support in the towns around the city.

There will be better targets in 2010, such as newly elected Jim Himes, or Joe Courtney, or Chris Murphey. But taking down Rosa DeLauro could stand to be the most demoralizing to the democrats.

If only the state Republican party could get its act together.

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