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    War With Russia

    Wow. Some will answer, “Oh, no,” but I’m not so sure. The U.S. isn’t just war-weary. It’s weakened by economic woes and debt. Some say that was the plan. That was at least part of the scenario that led to WW II: American financial-market follies (not necessarily brought about by Americans, but brought about via the American financial marketplace) causing both American and world-wide economic woes, social unrest, and militarization. “Funny money,” my dad called it. Are | Read More »

    Grand Theater, Beltway Style

    Four years ago it was The Affordable Care Act. Last year they gave us The Sequester. Two weeks ago, it was The Farm Bill. This week, it’s a blank budget check via spending-limit dissolution. (The Check’s-Blank Redemption?) The federal government—THE most powerful Corporation in human history—has done it again: performed its theater to give itself the money it wants and called it a win for the people from whom it extorts | Read More »

    Who’s Afraid of the “Big, Bad Tea Party”?

    As I understand the Tea Party, it isn’t a political party like the American Democratic and Republican Parties, or even the American Communist and Socialist Parties. It isn’t organized on a national basis. It doesn’t have a central headquarters. I don’t think it even has a centralized web page. It’s not well funded. It’s loosely affiliated: mostly locally organized groups bound by an idea. It’s not a new idea. In fact, it’s the | Read More »

    “Immigration Reform”

    This issue seems to have a lot of hidden or unspoken communication about it. It’d be nice if the people who are talking about “immigration reform” would first define what the term means to them and then, second, explain why they believe “immigration reform” is necessary . . . although it’s likely that by doing the first, they would be doing the second. If the “immigration reformers” explained themselves, we might get dialed in to what | Read More »

    The NYT’s 12/28/13 Benghazi Account

    An irascible, cantankerous woman I knew in undergraduate school once told me I was too “intelligent” to not be a “feminist.” (She died young several years ago and is probably still arguing to God that she had to get on every last nerve of everybody she met because she was a “strong, independent, and courageous woman,” but God likely doesn’t buy into the ideas, identities, and definitions the media package and sell as commodities.) | Read More »

    Of Nick Saban, John Lennon, and Health Care

    While watching the LSU/Alabama football game last Saturday, I marveled at Alabama head coach Nick Saban’s genius. It’s nothing flashy. In fact, its simplicity seems to confound other coaches. Saban gets the best players and drills technical perfection into them. Then he abides the simple strategy of overpowering opponents on the field, sparsely sprinkled with the occasional, game-changing sleight of hand: the forced goal-line fumble | Read More »

    MS Word’s Spell Check Still Flags “Obamacare”

    Maybe that’s with good reason. The latest incriminating—well-written, too, I dare say—account I’ve read of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA or “Obamacare”) is at MoneyMorning. We’ve all read such accounts. They’re proliferating and coming, uh, “fast and furious,” from everywhere. I think it’s inevitable that, once the federal government corrects the glitches in its PPACA sign-up websites and people are actually able to apply for coverage, the | Read More »

    Shedding a Little Light on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s (PPACA’s) Early History

    Since it hit prime time five years ago, the PPACA has been emitting fraud’s foul odor. It’s touted as healthcare reform, but it doesn’t reform healthcare. Somebody nicknamed it “Obamacare,” but it’s not about “care,” and Obama neither conceived of nor wrote it. In fact, according to Politico, Obama didn’t know much about “healthcare reform” when he began campaigning in 2007, and his ignorance showed. (Some icy strategist still decided to sell | Read More »

    Barack Obama’s Walkin’ Tall

    This gladdens my heart. President Obama knows the scandals are phony. He knows his administration has nothin’ to hide. He’ll order the Justice Department and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to stop stonewalling the “fast-and-furious” investigation. We’ll learn that Mexican drug gangsters merely found the weapons and were on their way to the police to turn them in when the weapons accidentally discharged, tragically | Read More »

    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in Myth and Lore

    I’ll admit to being conflicted about the PPACA. Part of my problem is that the law’s whole story has never been honestly told. We get selected facts: bits and pieces in news and opinion, both pro and con. But for the most part, everybody’s merely guessing or making bold predictions about it, and the PPACA—a mammoth manifesto that portends to rearrange life in these United States as we know it—remains shrouded | Read More »