The Divinity of Obama

    This morning on Fox and Friends, a Democrat from PA (Joe Setak I believe) was talking about Obama and his position on Iraq and his trip to Iraq. Apart from the classic babble from the Left, there were two points that stuck out to me. Points to be looked at. Points that are very troubling.

    Global Warming and Kidney Stones

    Ok, maybe that is a bit extreme. Researchers at the University of Texas have published a report in which they draw a relationship between kidney stones and Global Warming.

    Oklahoma Election 2008

    As we find ourselves with a new look to the blog and in the summer run up to an election, I thought we’d look at the different offices up for bid in Oklahoma. To start: Senate Our Current Senators are James Inhofe and Tom Coburn. Tom Coburn is in office until the 2010 election, so it is Inhofe’s seat up for grabs. Let’s look at | Read More »