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    No Nose Holding, Cruz Is the Only Uniter

    No Nose Holding, Cruz Is the Only Uniter

    I will not, ”hold my nose” and vote Trump and neither will many others. The #neverTrump movement is not a bunch of elitist, establishment types. Rush Limbaugh used to talk about the old salt that Republican consultants would tell candidates; that 40% of the people are democrats and 40% Republicans and the key to winning is getting the 20% that are independent, moderates. I say | Read More »

    Rubio, Still Fighting for the Nomination?

    Rubio, Still Fighting for the Nomination?

    I have worried for some time and am now convinced that Marco Rubio is going to try very hard to be the nominee at the convention. Here are the puzzle pieces. Put them together and see what you think. Marco Rubio has not endorsed anyone, even Ted Cruz whom he called the only conservative left in the race. He sent a letter asking the states | Read More »

    Rush Limbaugh – I Hope He Retires

    Rush Limbaugh - I Hope He Retires

    To understand the headline you have to know some history. Nearly eight years ago as Rush Limbaugh himself tells it, when he was given the opportunity to write 400 words on Barrack Obama’s Presidency he said he only needed 4 words. Those words were “I hope he fails.” Of course that made the news everywhere and everyone was shocked, by everyone I mean the mainstream | Read More »

    The Most Electable – A Fool’s Errand

    The Most Electable - A Fool's Errand

    Donald Trump likes to say in his tweets that he beats Hillary, or that he’s the only one who can beat Hillary. Governor Kasich’s only argument to win, is that at a contested convention he should be picked because he beats Hillary the most in all the polls. First of all, Trump is now losing to Hillary Clinton in the polls by a lot. Second, | Read More »

    Breaking America by incompetence or on purpose?

    Is the president of the United States doing a really bad job or is he accomplishing exactly what he set out to do? It’s hard to imagine so many things going wrong in our country and just blaming it on a leader who stumbles around into one bad situation after another. But to think that our leader is purposefully transforming the country in such a | Read More »