More “help” from our federal government.

    It appears that the Obama Administration is funding IT training in Sri Lanka, specifically to help them in landing outsourcing contracts from the U.S., to the tune of $22 million. The training will include programming in Java EE, as well as teaching skills in business process outsourcing, call center support, and English language proficiency. This certainly adds to The One’s previous, well-documented efforts at slowing | Read More »

    Obama Administration now negotiating on behalf of the Palestinian Authority… against Israel.

    I saw this article on the Free Republic forum and couldn’t believe my eyes. The original article is here on World Net Daily. The gist is this: the Obama Administration is actively negotiating with Israel on behalf of the Palestinian Authority: not as a middle man, but on behalf of the PA. The sources for this are a senior PA negotiator (unnamed) and unnamed sources | Read More »

    Sarah Palin and Aerial Wolf Hunting

    I received an email today from a relative berating Sarah Palin for hunting wolves from airplanes, and was urged to not vote for McCain/Palin because of this. (There are a lot of emotional Democrats in my family: I think that I am the only Republican, unless someone is keeping their mouth shut…)The link to the video is here: Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund video Other | Read More »

    John McCain: A transitional Presidency?

    After hearing the convention speech of Sarah Palin, it slowly becameapparent to me that if (God willing) John McCain is elected President,he will be a transitional President, bridging the gap between the “old”Republican Party of the ’80s and ’90s, and the “new” Republican Partyof the future. Sarah Palin is just one representative of the new publicface of the Republican Party, along with Bobby Jindal, Tim | Read More »