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I am a Christian man (no particular affiliation), just a follower of Jesus. If I had to claim an affiliation, I would have to say my beliefs are most closely associated with messianic Christians. I grew up and still live in an all-union, pro-democrat town in southern illinois. My father was a dis-enchanted union member before there ever was such a thing. We had a large family and a good upbringing. We were taught right from wrong. My father was a genius. He worked at the mill, but in spare time he read library books and taught himself about HVAC systems and started his own business as a refrigeration contractor. I worked with him in the business as a young lad and it was his dream to teach his children the business so they could take over someday. The business closed to economic downturn in 1973 or so. I was still in high school then. Dad also talked the truth about politics and allowed me to form my own opinions. In my time I have seen the dismantling of our family system in our country and how this decline has led to many social woes. I believe that the country has gone awry on social, economic and foreign policies since the time of Woodrow Wilson, but even much more egregiously so during the time of FDR. I have seen how the democrat party promotes secularism in our society in order to create citizen pawns who will keep them in power rather than doing what is right for the country. I would like to see the time come when the Constitution is obeyed by lawmakers in our government, returning power to the States and the people and the Federal government return to the limited government with enumerated powers as it should be. We need reform in every facet of our society today to repair the damage done by the democrats over the past decades.


    IL Constitution amendment on ’14 ballot

    Our illustrious and all-knowing democrat career politicians in illinois have devised a vehicle that would prohibit the initiation of a state voter ID law and allow fraudulent voting in illinios to become the constitutional norm. The following is listed as a proposed amendment on the Illinois 2014 election ballots: CONSTITUTION BALLOT PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO THE 1970 ILLINOIS CONSTITUTION Explanation of Amendment The proposed amendment adds | Read More »

    illinois pension reform is a joke

    Illinois lawmakers returning to Springfield Monday from Thanksgiving weekend are being expected to digest a 325 page Illinois public pension $100 billion shortfall “fix” for a vote on Tuesday. By all means, lets create a massive comprehensive bill over a holiday weekend and ram it thru without time to read the bill. Have we seen this movie before? Some of the details of the bill | Read More »

    Staying out of the 47% dependency class.

    I don’t know what the fuss is over Romneys comment he made to some potential donors. When I heard what he said, I did not take offense to it. I agreed with what he said. In the days to follow, I was impressed with his follow up remarks as well. I earned $11 K last year and this year it will be less. I was | Read More »

    Illinois: last chance to restore your right to vote for your own party leadership

    The illinois State Senate has passed a bill to restore citizens rights to select our own State Central committee all of three times since 2005. Each time the bill has died in the illinois House, where corrupt power hungry politicians favor of the status quo, where they have the ability to make smoke-filled backroom deals to consolidate power with cronies. They have even scheduled the | Read More »

    Illinois county Republican conventions Wednesday

      IL establishment GOP doesn’t want us to know that our county conventions are being held this Wednesday. The only reason I know about it, is because I have our Republican county chairmans website in my browser favorites. I tend to pick the link once or twice a week to see if theres anything new. At this late date, they have not even listed the | Read More »

    Election fraud now outsourced to socialist Spain

    I was first alerted to this by a newsletter that I receive in my private e-mail inbox from ConservativeByte. It links to a webpage from the TeaPartyNetwork. Heres that link I couldn’t believe it, so I tried to do more research to find out if the people in Spain who acquired the election software company had monetary ties to President 0bama. I found the | Read More »

    My view of both local and national primaries

     Long prior to the election, I got on the county clerks website and downloaded a sample ballot, then proceeded to search for and read everything I could about all the candidates in the race nationally and locally. My early favorite pick for 12th congressional seat (to replace retiring demo Jerry Costello) was Tea-Party favorite Teri Newman. I also went to hear her speak at one | Read More »

    My hat’s off to Rep Steve King (R) Iowa

     In a general speech on the House floor, Tues night Feb 14th, King is the ONLY elected official I have EVER heard of calling for the repeal of the Community Re-investment Act. I have been very perplexed that no one has mentioned CRA.  King has been staunchly opposed to 0bamacare since the day it was crammed down our throats, and he specifically stated in the | Read More »

    Mitch daniels gives the REAL SOTU address following an 0bama campaign speech

    The Presidents SOTU turned out to be a campaign speech; SURPRIZE, in which he called for more government agencies, more spending, more class warfare, paying off the debt with double counted savings, all while chastising republicans for OBSTRUCTION. The REAL State of the Union address was given by Governor Mitch Daniels (R) Indiana, immediately following 0bamas speech. Daniels, who dissapointed me by deciding not to | Read More »

    New years resolutions: Reid,Pelosi,Boehner & McConnell

    New years resolution for Nancy Pelosi: Just go home to your socialist utopia Krapifornia and stay there. Your presence in congress is irritating and irrellevant. New years resolution for Harry Reid: Resign your post immediately so the congress can start cutting spending and passing pro-growth economic policies. New years resolution for Mitch McConnell: Start talking to your colleagues in the House of Representatives and stand | Read More »