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    Keep the Federal Government out of School Choice

      The federal government is moving to get ahead of states in the school choice arena and it could effectively create a nationalized education system. “[The federal school standard] is the latest effort by big government disciples to strip away state rights and put Washington, D.C., in control of everything.” – Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal. This is not a direct indictment of the federal | Read More »

    “How Can We Expect Students to Learn if They Don’t Feel Safe?”

    Through the Franklin Center and Amplify School Choice, I had the opportunity to visit two Washington, DC area charter schools and hear ideas, information and opinions from various students, parents and leaders about school choice opportunities. Washington, D.C. is a mostly urban area and seems to reflect the opportunities and challenges of urban areas across the nation. Families with financial means may work in the | Read More »

    Current Education ROI Isn’t Benefiting Investors

    Remember traveling before September 11th, 2001? If you were a frequent traveler like me, security procedures varied from airport to airport, some more efficient, some more friendly and some were neither. After September 11th, airport security procedures were revamped.  Now, when people travel by air in the United States, they are more or less subjected to the same security protocols regardless of the airport. Many | Read More »

    Grow Up, Already

    Welcome to Utopia, also known as the Nanny State. There are quite a few people who believe them to be one and the same. For these people, most everything should be affected, controlled or led by the government, which is really just people who get paid by our tax dollars to do stuff. This group of people wants to let someone else decide what is | Read More »

    Feminism: Real and Imagined

    Modern feminism seems to break out into two categories: Experienced & Imagined. There are women all over the world who experience being  harassed, raped, controlled, manipulated, beaten, abused and even murdered because they are women. These women have experienced the worst of humanity based solely on their reproductive parts. It is no wonder they beg, plead, prod & scream “Equal rights”. In places such as Africa, approximately | Read More »

    We Won! Now What…?

    For too long now, conservatives have sat back with the “Leave me alone” attitude. If we are to continue to take back our country to its founding principles, conservatives must remain vigilant and adopt proactive habits that will keep us going in the right direction.

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    Being a Woman is Awesome and Crazy and Awesome!

    Why do feminists want to get rid of all this? I don’t want to be a guy. Don’t get me wrong – I love guys!

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    White House “Czars” – Are They Working?

    All of these czars with their own budgets along with all of the resulting policies, programs, rules and regulations beg the question: How effective are the White House Czars? And, how would we know?

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    The Pill and Abortion Are Not Women’s Health Care

    Women who have never used any kind of birth control are not assumed to be necessarily unhealthy. Using a woman’s physical health as an excuse for preventing pregnancy defrauds the public.

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    The Incapable Generation

    What can we expect from teenagers who were protected from most harm their developing years? Will they understand that getting hit hurts? Will they know how to handle conflicts with their wits and ego intact? How can we expect young adults who’ve never experienced real adversity to be successful in real life?

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