Obamacare 2020

    Nancy Pelosi: Good afternoon! I would like to introduce to the House our newest Health and Human Services Secretary, Ms. Bessie Puke.  She will be outlining for us today her newest plan to help improve our Health Care system.  Thanks for coming, Ms. Puke.  We appreciate how busy you must be. Ms. Puke: Thanks so much for that wonderful introduction, Ms. Pelosi. Also, thank you | Read More »

    The Joke’s On Us

    My daughter-in-law shared a joke she heard at the law office where she works. It goes like this: Have you heard about the new Obama Extra Value Meal at McDonald’s? You order anything you want, and the person in line behind you pays for it! I like jokes. One of the reasons why I liked this one in particular is because it had a deeper | Read More »

    13th Century TEA Partiers

    Not long ago, my husband and I spent the day in Rouen, France, a beautiful, idyllic community known for it’s medieval architecture.  It’s a fascinating place – narrow streets lined with buildings remarkably preserved in their original state. This is where Joan of Arc was burned at the stake, the spot fittingly marked by a cross. The main tourist attraction is the beautiful and ornate | Read More »

    What If It Was California?

      I can’t help but wonder what Obama’s response would have been if the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico had happened off the coast of California, instead of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Would his response have been so “measured”? Would he have been busy playing golf, going on vacation, and having date nights with his wife?  I live on the Gulf Coast.  The destruction | Read More »

    Dear Congressman Stupak

    Dear Sir,   After watching you on Fox News during the last several weeks make a strong stand on your pro-life position, I was rather flabberghasted at your complete turnaround when it came time to vote for the monstrosity of a bill often referred to as “Obamacare.” Then, after thinking about it for awhile and seeing that the airports in your district received large subsidies just | Read More »

    Starving Children in China

      I grew up in the days of cliche comments. Remember when your Mother always had a pat phrase when you misbehaved, or didn’t use common courtesy or common sense?  No matter the situation, it seemed my parents had a catch phrase they used to get our attention.   When I became a mother, I did the same thing. It just seemed like a good | Read More »

    History Repeats Itself

      The Titanic’s last port of call before heading across the Atlantic was in Queensland, Ireland, where it took on a few more passengers and various supplies, including ice.  The passengers and crew were confident that their historic maiden voyage was one for the history books. Many of those responsible for the building of the ship considered it virtually unsinkable. It was the largest and most ornate | Read More »