American Culture and Diversity

    American Culture and Diversity It can be said that American culture is leading the way in libertarian ideas. We desire the ability to think and act with a free mind, not wanting anyone to say that we are wrong. It is a growing trend in our society to reach out and touch someone with harsh words if that person takes a stand opposite society’s perception | Read More »


    Trial By Peers

    I wonder if Khalid Sheik Mohammad will get a trial of his peers when his trial begins in New York. If the constitution is correct, they will have to have 12 terrorists in the jury box. I suppose that might be a stretch of the legal system, however, it does bring up a sticky legal question. I’m sure there are plenty of terrorists around if | Read More »


    What Do We Declare?

    In my monthly newsletter I wrote about the determination of some to destroy the inner beauty that our forefathers placed within the governmental system. The Declaration of Independence offers a solution which most citizens would not ascribe to. One section of the declaration even asks the question of when we should act and when we should not act. ” governments are instituted among men, deriving | Read More »

    In The Tides Of The Ocean

    I was listening to a news program yesterday and heard a strange thing. A captain of an ocean cruiser found a giant patch of garbage floating in the ocean between Hawaii and California. It was mostly plastic and had come from the beaches of Hawaii. Isn’t it odd that more hasn’t been said or done by the environmentalists to prevent this from happening? This is | Read More »


    Directions To Plato

    It seems that we have, in our seat of government, a renewal of an old perspective concerning the governance of this nation. Plato wrote in his book; Republic, that governance of the state is only good if those who govern have justice as the center of their philosophy. We, in this nation have come full circle, if we settle on Plato’s definitions of government. We | Read More »

    From Here To Inevitable

    The signal fires are burning. The laws are on the books. Washinton DC is rancid with the stench of corruption. It seems inevitable that life in America will change under the auspices of the Democratic Congress. If the health care legislation passes, and we move on to Cap and Trade, the immediate impact will be the strangulation of all freedom and liberty in our beloved | Read More »

    Who Will Speak For Us Now?

    We are the citizens of the last free nation on Earth. Who will speak for us? As of now we are even subjected to the onslaught of injustice from the ICC. The International Criminal Court now has the power to investigate, arrest, and prosecute any American citizen without any interference from our government. Thanks to an executive order by President Obama, we are now governed | Read More »

    In the Presence of Lady Liberty

    We see her carrying her torch, ever vigilent, ever watchful in the night. Lady Liberty serenely moves about with Grace and Truth coming along side her tall, magnificent frame. She seeks out those who will stand with her as she guards the nation from destruction. With Grace and Truth holding her up with their strong arms, she cries out, like Paul Revere, riding through the | Read More »

    Presents For Our Children

    What did you leave under the tree for your children? How long will they use them before they put them aside? The best things we as parents can give our children is love, and blessing. I have found that giving my children a blessing, which consists of three things, they can go forward through the year knowing that My wife and I love them, and | Read More »


    The Birthday

    When one of my grandkids birthday comes around, we give presents galore. When mom and dad have a birthday, we give them a hug and tell them we hope to see them next year, and laugh. With the passage of this healthcare bill that hug and hope mean even more. We hope we don’t get sick, especially after we go on medicare. We hope our | Read More »