Voting Against Tedisco.

    A new Siena Poll shows that Tedisco’s early lead seems to be eroding. Now to be sure we don’t know if these polling results are accurate and we don’t know what turnout will be like on election day. Tedisco could end up winning by 25 but I think it is a predictible result when you run a insider politician in a atmosphere (especially amongst conservatives) | Read More »

    Weird and Partisan

      UPDATE:Here is the Picture I was driving into law school through the city of Albany, NY and I saw a public middle school sign flashing the words “All Hail President Barack Obama” and it brought a wierd feeling over me.  It just didn’t sound right.  It sounded and looked cultish and reminded me of the chants given to ruthless dictators like Hitler and Kim | Read More »


    Betrayed By Polls

    Let me start this post with a full disclosure. I am addicted to polls. I can’t wait for new polling data to come out and when it does I take it all in for a few minutes and them immediately want more polling. I check the RCP Average multiple times a day. I follow the Gallup and Rasmussen Tracks everyday, and when Gallup has McCain | Read More »

    Obama’s Dire Scenario

    I posted this a while back at Real Clear Politics and Conservative Politics 101. Some of it seems to be happening, and other parts can still happen, National Security did become a big issue again in mid-august but not because of the War but rather the Soviet Union. Also I missed the Energy Debate, but my Veep picks still look ok. So for the record | Read More »

    Last Veep Thoughts

    Obama can’t pick Biden because he looks like a crook, and at the same time looks like he should be on the top of the ticket instead of Obama. He can’t pick Sebelius, because any woman except Hillary would send Democrat women into a frenzy, plus she gave a response to the state of the Union that could have been given by a skeleton robot. | Read More »

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    Obama’s Team is Delusional about Evangelicals

    I posted back on June 19th that Obama was wrong in thinking he had a chance to win Mississippi in November because his argument was based on false facts. He claimed that Mississippi was 40% black but only voted as 25% of the population. This was his rationale for putting the state in play; if he could just get African Americans to vote their proportion | Read More »

    Dog Kept From Recieving Medical Help Dies

    As a dog owner this is a sad story for me, but at the same time I can’t help to be completely infuriated. A young man and his girlfriend were speeding down a highway in Texas trying to rush their dying dog to a vet clinic in time to save his or her life. Well, along came the highway patrol to pull them over for | Read More »

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    Why the Election Won’t be so Bad for Republicans and Breaking that Northern Virginia Myth

    It has amazed me as to how much Republican politicians, analysts, and pundits continue to concede the point that this is a Democratic year and we will be lucky if we make it out of this election with some dignity. The reason its amazing is because it’s just not true! Republicans better start acting like winners, and start showing the American people why their ideas | Read More »

    Corruption at the Highest Levels of the Gang of 10

    I don’t know if this has been mentioned yet but it is the first I am hearing about it. The Gang of 10 which include 5 Republican Senators and 5 Democrat Senators have angered conservatives by adopting an energy policy proposal that is everything Nancy Pelosi wants with a sprinkle of drilling for Republicans. It is a slap in the face against all of the | Read More »

    Thank God He is Letting the Adults Handle This

    Off of the top of my head the Georgian-Russian conflict has taught us a few lessons and exposed to us a few truths. Number 1 is that sometimes countries don’t always listen to what we say or do what we ask. President Bush has told Russia to draw back their troops to the contested territories and yet Russia has refused. Now I’m not 100 percent | Read More »