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    UPDATED: Did a PA State Rep. Use Government Resources to Attack Pro-NatGas Granny?

    KDKA Pittsburgh broke a particularly troubling story yesterday about PA State Rep. Jesse White (D-Allegheny, Beaver and Washington Counties) which suggests his participation in unethical internet activity directed at constituents.

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    No Governor Corbett, Pennsylvania Doesn’t Need Higher Gasoline Taxes

    At 39 cents per gallon, Pennsylvania currently is the 7th-highest taxed state for gasoline.  As part of his transportation initiative, Gov. Corbett has proposed lifting the cap on the “oil company franchise tax” and making that tax burden even higher. This is a relatively obscure tax that is paid directly by gas stations based on the wholesale price of gasoline.  Right now the maximum wholesale | Read More »

    PA Government Union Money: 2012 Election Edition

    After Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania launched our government union money website, we had a number of requests from people who wanted to know how much candidates for the legislature had received. We put together spreadsheets that contain all of the candidates and members of the legislature: House 2012 Government Union Money Senate 2012 Government Union Money The data is arranged alphabetically, and we include all | Read More »

    The PA Voter ID Debacle: A Birds Eye View

    In case you haven’t heard, an injunction was issued against the enforcement of PA’s Voter ID Law. This follows the PA Supreme Court punting the law back to a lower court. At this point the State has not indicated if it will appeal this verdict back to the Supreme Court, but it is within the realm of possibility. While most of the ire has been | Read More »

    Economic Development or Legal Plunder

    Should taxpayers “give” $2 million to a $16 BILLION company? Most of you would undoubtedly answer with a resounding: NO! Unfortunately, that’s what’s happened in the case of an expansion to a Hershey’s Chocolate factory and they aren’t the only ones. As we have previously noted, much of the “economic development” funds come through taxpayers taking on more debt. Milton Hershey was a man who | Read More »

    Union Money and Pennsylvania Politics

    To help taxpayers track government (or public sector) union influence in Pennsylvania, Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania (CAP) has created a new website ( that will allow people to easily access information about the financial contributions of public sectors union made to the political campaigns associated with members of the General Assembly. In 1937 President Roosevelt noted the conflict inherent in the creation of government unions. | Read More »

    Thuggery in the City of Brotherly Love

    What happens when developers buck the status quo? If a recent case study is example, the answer is violence, vandalism and other indecent behavior. In 2010, the owners of Post Brothers Apartments in Philadelphia purchased an abandoned textile factory with the goal of transforming it into upscale rental apartments. Like any responsible business owners, they began accepting bids for the projects. When all was said | Read More »