Can somebody please put to rest giving credit to Clinton for the economy in the late 90’s

    I was listening to Hannity tonight on the way home, and was listening to Tamara Holder debating some lady that was on the right side of the political spectrum, and I heard Tamara start singing the praises of Clinton for the economy in the 90’s.  Can we please get a few things straight about how Clinton and those times. 1.  Clinton inherited a time in | Read More »

    Thoughts about the same-sex marriage thing

    I was reading through the diary entry and post of one of the others here, and one of the respondents had asked the diarist to make a conservative arguement for “gay marriage” without using typical liberal talking points, getting into the religion conundrum, or just being downright insulting to social conservatives. My first point is for all of us to accept a definition of conservatism | Read More »

    Eugene Robinson, giving credit where credit is not due

    While I was at McDonalds, enjoying a nice Angus Burger, fries, and diet coke, I picked up my local rag, (Cincinnati enquirer), where I found this little gem talking about Obama’s “win streak”, I looked at this and felt the serious need to some truth to the garbage that this guy is spewing. To see the full article, you can go here, but I will | Read More »


    Who draws the short straw to fall on their sword.

    Listening to talk radio, Fox News, and the news in general, it appears that the Democrats are perilously close to having to make that decision. The question is which way is this going to go.  Will the progressives, allow their dream candidate in Obama to go down in flames in 2012, or are they willing to sacrifice the 2010 congressional dems like a master chess | Read More »


    I love it how I surprise people during primary season

    I just got done voting in the primaries here in Ohio, and let me tell you it went without fail that when I told the people my party registration, I got the gasp of surprise then the sigh of disappointment from one of the election workers.  This is the second time that this has happened to me, once in NJ and again out here in | Read More »

    Local area store closes, opens race-baiting door

    This past week, while driving my wife to work, and again this morning doing some shopping before I go down to officiate the Big East Track and Field Championships down at the University of Cincinnati, one of the big local stories in the Cincinnati-Metro area is the closing of the Kroger store in the Roselawn community.  Now as a conservative/libertarian type that I am, my visceral reaction | Read More »

    An amateur analysis of where we are going with Health Care

    Why can’t folks on the Democrat side of things be honest as to where this bill will ultimately lead within the time frame of about 8 to 10 years from this point?  I am sitting here listening to Cavuto and a Dem strategist is on talking about how right now this current bill puts insurance companies in a stronger position than they were before, probably due | Read More »

    Things I am getting tired of hearing

    This morning, after dropping my wife off at work today, I was listening to the Tom Joiner Morning Show on the radio (I was driving her car not mine, hence did not have any control of the radio), and they had Michael Steele on the phone interviewing him.  They were talking about the health care legislation, and I heard that tired old line of, “The | Read More »


    A couple of fears that I have

    I have been thinging through things the last day or so and I have a couple of fears that I would like to share with this community to see what they thing. My first fear is the whole healthcare thing.  The more I see of this debate, especially after the “bi-partisan” healthcare confrernce, I am wondering how much of this garbage can be repealed after | Read More »

    Can we stop the garbage of the GOP being the party of Big Business

    As I was eating my non Michelle Obama approved lunch at McDonalds, I picked up a paper that they offered and was treated to this article. This article pretty much states that Driehaus has outraised Chabot from a number of businesses in the area including Procter and Gamble in which Cincinnati is home base for them.  Of course this made me cringe on so | Read More »