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Scott Rohter is a property rights activist and the author of Oregon House Bill 3453 from 1995, and Senate Bill 929 from 2010. These two Bills sought to reform foreclosure laws in the State of Oregon, and bring the Oregon State Constitution into conformity with the U.S. Constitution. I also successfully opposed the Oregon DMV's practice of allowing police officers to anonymously report "alleged bad drivers." I am the author and publisher of a website called Less Gov is the Best Gov. com, which advocates for a return to the Constitution and to the principles of limited government which made America great. My efforts on behalf of property owners in Oregon over the past fifteen years have finally resulted in 2012 in an important piece of legislation passing the Oregon State Legislature, which is proof that ordinary citizen activists can actually make a difference. It is Oregon House Bill 4111. It is both a Property Rights Bill and a Foreclosure Reform Bill that specifically deals with local government improvement district liens. No longer will a government entity in Oregon be able to sell a property in foreclosure for the exact amount of a Local Improvement District lien.