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    A Parody of an Obama Stump Speech

    My fellow comrades, I, Barack Obama am so honored to be the candidate for the socialist party of the United States. I pledge to change America, in the way Lenin changed the Russia into the USSR. I pledge that the US shall be renamed The United Socialist States of America, or USSA. I will initiate my progessive tax plan on Americans, so that all shall | Read More »

    Obama insults McCain’s War Injuries

    **Many Obama supporters claim that this campaign is really getting negative. Of course it is, especially when your own candidate launchs attack ads. Thier was an ad out the said that McCain couldn’t send emails and couldn’t use a computer. Funny, because in the 2000 Republican Primary, McCain was considered tech savvy and an expert on technology in the Senate. McCain also cannot send emails | Read More »

    Why Obama will Screw the Economy

    **Recently Lehmen brothers went down in flames, Merril Lynch was bought out by Bank of America, and Obama is still getting contributions fron Fannie and Freddie. I was watching Kudlow & Company and they were saying that the worst thing that someone could do is raise the Capital gains tax. Why beacuse it will deter investment, and without capital, companies are unable to innovate and | Read More »

    Youth Mesmerized by Some Politican

    **At my school in Madison Wisconsin, I’ve been hearing “Obama is the bomb” or Obama is the best candidate”. I am always curious to ask why they like Obama. I usually don’t get an adequete answer. It is usually very low detail and also it is always about change. I understand that many of these teens can’t vote (thank god for that), but I believe | Read More »

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