A semi-retired senior executive and management consultant with the time and opportunity to comment on today's events. With no intentional melodrama, at 63 years of age I grew up in our country's golden age...generally an era of partriotism, pride in our nation, personal responsibility and raised with the values of respect, honesty and confidence in the our constitutional republic. Times have changed and our country is in great peril. Those with beliefs similiar to my own must do whatever can be done to restore the country we love so much.


    The 112th Congress: Challenges and Responsibilities

    Let’s assume that come January 2011 there is a Republican majority in the House and, at a minimum, a cloture-proof minority in the Senate.  Additionally, we’ll assume that conservatives are a majority in the Republican caucuses in both chambers.  All is well and we’re happily on our way to restoring sanity in the country.  Or, are we?   Even if this scenario plays out, the | Read More »

    Stimulus’ $111 Million Adds 55 New Jobs! Suppose that $111 Million Had Remained in the Private Sector?

    From the September 17 Los Angeles Times: Two L.A. agencies get $111 million in stimulus funds but have created only 55 jobs.   Today, media reports abound regarding this astounding testimonial to the inefficiency and wastefulness of Obama’s Stimulus debacle.  Easy arithmetic proves it: $111 million, 55 jobs…equals about $2 million per job.  Slam dunk for fiscal irresponsibility.   But suppose that $111 million had | Read More »

    After the November Storm

    No matter the degree of Republican success in the November elections the new conservative Senators and Representatives will face a challenge that will impact this country for years to come:  Can they live up to the expectations of the people who will vote for them in droves?   The progressive Obama regime has crystallized the dangers of big government intrusion, ruling class arrogance and excessive | Read More »

    Observations of the O’Donnell Victory

    Now that the smoke has cleared and dust has begun to settle, what did we learn from Christine O’Donnell’s win over Mike Castle? O’Donnell’s victory capped off a primary season that dramatically displayed the  country’s unrest. Supposed shoo-in candidates backed by the national party (particularly Republican) turned out not to be the ‘gimmes’ most pundits believed they would be. Money, the life blood of campaigns | Read More »

    Establishment Republicans…The Pouting Continues

    The usually ultra-cool Karl Rove comes close to losing it when discussing Christine O’Donnell’s victory with Sean Hannity.   Charles Krauthammer, normally the model of insightful and measured wisdom, laments the foolishness of a vote for O’Donnell.   The ballots had barely been counted and the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee announces it will not provide any general election funding to O’Donnell.   Mike Castle, the | Read More »

    Downgraded from Nazis

    I guess we should be strangely pleased.    In his column today, the New York Times’ ever-entertaining Eugene Robinson seems to have reluctantly accepted the unthinkable…a major conservative victory in November.    However, he wistfully holds out the hope that poor Nancy Pelosi won’t have to move out of her office.   And the reason behind the upcoming electoral travesty: we, Americans, are spoiled brats. | Read More »

    The Toss-up Races…Ripe for Corruption

    The latest Real Clear Politics analysis of the toss-up House and Senate races yields some interesting facts. 8 toss-up Senate races; 6 currently Democrat, 2 Republican 35 toss-up House races; 34 currently Democrat, 1 Republican A further look at these races shows a disproportionate of House and Senate toss-ups are in traditionally Democrat states, but more notably, they are states with high union membership according | Read More »

    A Contrarian View: It Ain’t the Economy, Stupid

    Despite the hardship and uncertainty brought on by the miserable economy, the driving imperative of the anticipated conservative tidal wave in the November elections is long-building boiling rage human beings feel when constantly belittled and insulted by those who believe themselves superior in all ways.   A pending foreclosure, unemployment and distress about the future of one’s children and grandchildren are, admittedly, stimulants for political | Read More »

    Tone-Deaf RNC and Their Alaska Lawyers

    Let me get this right.  RNC attorneys are jetting to Alaska on behalf of Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s campaign as the tabulation of absentee ballots moves forward and a possible recount looms in the future.  Hmmm. The election was a Republican primary.  Joe Miller, as I understand it, is a Republican.  Murkowski, also by understanding, is a Republican.  And, is not RNC actually the Republican National Committee.  Am I naive?  | Read More »

    Rational Florida Republican Party Leadership?

    Today’s news reports of Bill McCollum’s terse post-election comments as well as speculation some Republicans could endorse Alex Sink for Governor are very insightful. McCollum’s statement sounded very similar to his campaign ads, an encore of the speculation about Rick Scott”s honesty.  There was no endorsement of Scott and one questions if that endorsement will ever be forthcoming.  McCollum’s antics could be attributed to emotions | Read More »