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I'm a conservative public school teacher (yes, we do exist) who hates unions, low information voters, and people that tread on the Constitution. Married to a fellow conservative, mother to four felines, lover of liberty and freedom. I knit so I don't kill people.


    Taking the Voters for Granted

    As a Volunteer State Republican, I’m active in a number of Republican organizations, including the county party and my local Republican women’s club.  This is the time of year where our programming folks have absolutely no trouble finding Republican candidates wanting to come speak to us.  After all, it’s Primary Season, and we’re fortunate, especially on our local level, to have a number of Republican | Read More »

    Entitled to be Lazy

    I fear we have raised a generation, or two, of Americans who, quite simply, do not want to work. I see this every day as a teacher in middle school. Now, granted, middles schoolers are abnormally lazy anyway. That whole hormone thing whaps them upside the head around the age of 12 and for about 18 months they are nearly useless when it comes to | Read More »

    Primary? Anyone?

    As a resident of the Volunteer State, I am beyond furious at both of our so-called Republican Senators who are banging the Amnesty drum. We’re stuck with Corker for a few more years since he just got re-elected. However, Alexander is up for re-election. And sadly, I haven’t seen nor heard of anyone who is willing to challenge him in the primary. Please tell me | Read More »

    A Minor Issue with the NSA

    We’ve come to the point where it has been more or less established that the NSA is collecting gobs of data on Verizon customers. And, if anyone has half a brain, we can most likely extrapolate that number to include to millions of customers that belong to the other telephone carriers. In short, our government is spying on us. Over the past two weeks I’ve | Read More »