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    Rick Santorum – “Game On!”

    Santorum succeeded in the Iowa Caucus with a positive and old-school campaign.  He visited all 99 counties in Iowa and met with people on the ground in cafes and town halls.  While Iowa is not  a predictor of the eventual nominee, Santorum’s success is significant because it shows that Santorum is able to organize on the ground with limited money.  Imagine what Santorum can do in | Read More »

    Marrying Rick Santorum

    Choosing a political candidate is similar to dating. There are men with whom you flirt. There are men who you date.  And then there are the men who are so exceptional that you take them home to meet the parents.  Women learn the difference between these kinds of men with varying speed.  The Republican Primary voters (according to the polls) have flirted with most candidates | Read More »

    Grow up Republicans!

    Lord knows that I love President Reagan.  Like many others, I became a Republican because of him.  After reading Lou Cannon’s “A Role of a Lifetime”, I spent the next 10 years searching for another Ronald Reagan in every candidate for public office.  Then, I grew up. There is only one Ronald Reagan.  And, I would venture to say that some liberals are right – | Read More »

    Top Ten Quotes from CNN Tea Party Debate

    Gingrich – “The American people create jobs, not government.” Perry in response to Romney’s criticism of his using the phrase “ponzi scheme” in reference to Social Security – “You called it criminal in your book”. Cain about calling the Social Security System a ponzi scheme– “I don’t care what you call it.  It is broken.” Perry – “People are tired of spending money we don’t | Read More »

    Never Forget – My Memories of 9/11

    On September 11, 2001, I was at home not feeling well.  I awoke to the phone that had been ringing and ringing constantly.  It was my Mom calling telling me that we were being attacked.  I turned on the TV and watched in horror as the World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon burned.  I cried uncontrollably while watching the Towers collapse.   I immediately called | Read More »


    Perry Edges out Romney in Republican Debate

    MSNBC started off the debate on Wednesday night encouraging infighting between the candidates.  While Fox News did the same in the previous debate, MSNBC targeted most of their questions primarily at the frontrunners – Perry and Romney.  While the questions by the moderators were often just biased statements attacking each candidate, I will not join some of my fellow conservatives in spending too much time | Read More »

    Is Palin Disrespecting Republican Voters?

    I have always liked Sarah Palin.  I liked her even more after hearing her speak on her recent bus tour.  Sarah Palin’s refusal to play by the rules and outsmart the media has been very entertaining.  After all, who else could have caused such a stir with a simple Facebook post?  However, at this point in the game, her failure to announce her candidacy is | Read More »

    Obama – Wait for America to Consider another Presidential Candidate

    In a clearly political move today, Obama requested to address a Joint Session of Congress on September 7th at 8:00 P.M. to speak about his “jobs plan” at precisely the same time the next Republican Presidential Debate airs on NBC. The White House arrogantly replied when asked about the scheduling conflict,  “if the network so chose and the candidates so chose” to reschedule, “that would | Read More »