I am on a journey like all of us. I grew up in New Hampshire, attended college there, and have worked in business and technology for over 25 years. I’ve founded three companies and sold two of them (one didn’t make it). I’ve climbed the corporate ladder of “success”, serving as a business leader, CEO, and General Manager of various businesses. These days, I live in Georgia, and this blog is an extension of my world view, to help others, by planting and watering seeds of righteousness. I have a beautiful wife and two wonderful young boys. They are my treasure.


    I Was Not Born a Racist

    Racism is a heart problem. It’s not a blood problem or a skin problem. Nobody is born a racist. I was not born a racist, and neither were you.

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    Campus Rape: It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere

    Campus Rape:  It's Five O'Clock Somewhere

      I would begin by saying “unless you’ve been under a rock”, but I know a whole lot of rock dwellers who haven’t heard a thing about this story or the endless discussion going on, mostly on the Internet and cable news.  So I’ll begin this way:  ICYMI*:  Rolling Stone Magazine published an article entitled “A Rape on Campus: A Brutal Assault and Struggle for Justice at | Read More »

    Judd Gregg Recommends GOP Surrender

    Former Senator Judd Gregg has become a surrender monkey.

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    TNR’s Demise Voxsplained for the Rest of Us

    TNR's Demise Voxsplained for the Rest of Us

    Erick wrote with great clarity on the death of The New Republic as a pillar of progressive thought, but navigating the Byzantine maze of Washington liberal media is only for the bravest of brave hearts.  So Ezra Klein has broken it down for us in the hoi polloi by Voxsplaining what has happened to the august TNR. Before we delve into Klein’s truly dizzying intellect, | Read More »

    Senate GOP Leadership is a Bag of Hammers

    We now know that much of the Senate GOP leadership is either as scared as their House counterparts, or they’re dumber than a bag of hammers.

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    Dear Bill Cosby: I Want To Encourage You

    I have written an open letter to Bill Cosby. As penning open letters is a longstanding tradition, I feel honor bound as a “man of letters” to write this. Plus, some of the best literature ever written are open letters. The Bible is an open letter from God to all of us. The Declaration of Independence is a Dear George open letter to England. I am no Moses or Thomas Jefferson, but Mr. Cosby, you should read this.

    I see you yawning, Mr. Cosby. You may ignore this and all the other letters you are getting, but that only delays the inevitable. Maybe this will help you read further: I am not here to bash you.

    I want to encourage you.

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    Boehner’s Two-Step Plan to Do Nothing About Amnesty

    Boehner's Two-Step Plan to Do Nothing About Amnesty

    House Speaker has no problem letting Obama have everything he wants, as long as the government doesn’t shut down.  His “two step plan” is to first erect a billboard at the border on Obama’s road to amnesty.  It will say “Stop.  You can’t do this.”  All the while the Obama convoy of undocumented aliens will continue to flow, knowing that their permiso will allow them | Read More »

    Al Sharpton is Grima Wormtongue Speaking Lies to Power

    Al Sharpton is Grima Wormtongue Speaking Lies to Power

    Ferguson and the ghosts of Ferguson will continue to haunt us for many years, in no small part due to President Obama’s messianic aspirations and real failures, such as his continual association and dependence on self-aggrandizing charlatan race-baiters like Al Sharpton. President Obama sees himself as the racial healer and savior to our country.  But his history, worldview, and actions are so disconnected from the | Read More »

    What Happens When Benjamin Watson Preaches Jesus on CNN

    What Happens When Benjamin Watson Preaches Jesus on CNN

    New Orleans Saints (and Georgia Bulldog) tight end Benjamin Watson wrote a very truthful, introspective, and thoughtful piece on Facebook describing his thoughts on Ferguson.  It’s one of the best analyses I have read.  It ends with this: I’M ENCOURAGED, because ultimately the problem is not a SKIN problem, it is a SIN problem. SIN is the reason we rebel against authority. SIN is the | Read More »

    Missouri State Rep Courtney Curtis Turns to to Require Vest Cameras

    Missouri State Rep Courtney Curtis Turns to to Require Vest Cameras

    Ferguson native and Missouri State Representative (Democrat, District 073) Courtney Curtis started a petition on, the McDonalds drive-through of hassle-free activism, to require Ferguson PD officers to wear body cameras. …I’m still a young black man who has encountered problems with the police. Five years ago, while waiting for a college friend of mine in his gated community in Kansas City, I was handcuffed, | Read More »