I am on a journey like all of us. I grew up in New Hampshire, attended college there, and have worked in business and technology for over 25 years. I’ve founded three companies and sold two of them (one didn’t make it). I’ve climbed the corporate ladder of “success”, serving as a business leader, CEO, and General Manager of various businesses. These days, I live in Georgia, and this blog is an extension of my world view, to help others, by planting and watering seeds of righteousness. I have a beautiful wife and two wonderful young boys. They are my treasure.


    Ferguson and the worst job in the world

    When the community loses all trust in the police, and the police can’t discern the real criminals from those they are supposed to protect, the rule of law, private property, and the preservation of our basic rights as Americans breaks down pretty quickly. Until some trust is restored, this impasse is going to continue. At some point, Ferguson’s black community will end up executing vigilante justice, which is just as wrong as the police standing back while criminals flourish.

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    Zero-tolerance or jackass parent?

    We’ve lost our minds in Houston County, Georgia. I live in Warner Robins, and I was simply in shock that in our conservative enclave, the very heart of liberty-minded rational patriotism, home of Robins AFB and the F-15 capital of the world, that zero-tolerance insanity had roosted in our midst.

    This stuff only happens in other places, like Anne Arundel County Maryland, where the infamous pop-tart gun was invented, or New Kensington, Pennsylvania, where a first-grader turned in a toy gun and faces expulsion. It doesn’t happen in our city, because we’re sane. Yet that’s what the news is reporting.

    Is the news right? Well, yes, and no.

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    Kevin and Tony. Criminal trespass.

    Humanity demands more of us than the urge to win at all costs. It demands that we place others above ourselves. It demands that our basest impulses of anger, competition, revenge, and pride be subverted to mercy, care and humility. In this crime, both Kevin and Tony are guilty of trespassing. One dead, one ruined. The two men will always be linked together by this one moment.

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    When the Russians invade Ukraine, our response is…FAIL

    Just when you think things might calm down in Ukraine, they heat right back up. Putin is sending an aid convoy into Donetsk. This might be a pretext for an invasion, and as usual, we are left flat-footed with no idea what Russia will do, and no response prepared if they do it.

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    Why Wendy Davis MUST NOT be governor of Texas

    Wendy Davis’s character has one property, and one only: ambition. Not the kind of ambition an aspiring football player gunning for the NFL had, like Scott Turner. But a Jordan Belfort, Wolf of Wall Street blind ambition, which knows no excess, and has no boundaries. Davis has only one goal: amassing personal power, and she’ll let nobody or nothing stand in her way.

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    NPR: stop hitting yourself with the truth about “white privilege”

    Instead of encouraging our poorest, most disadvantaged kids to dream and try hard to succeed, liberals like the ones running NPR are telling them their dreams are are dead, and were in fact dead when they were born. That’s shameful.

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    Ann Coulter is great, but I’d rather be like Kent Brantly

    Ann Coulter, and all of American Christianity, should not condemn or chide Dr. Kent Brantly, we should praise and support him. It’s men like him, servants, of whom the world is not worthy, who move God’s heart.

    I have nothing against Ann Coulter. I’ve never met her, but I’ve been a fan and read her books. But I’d rather be like Kent Brantly. God bless him, and I believe He already has.

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    Salon’s perversion of truth on Millenials

    I can always count on Salon to offer me the most America-hating (and Israel-hating) slant on any story. David Palumbo-Liu took a Pew Research Center poll titled “Hamas Seen as More to Blame Than Israel for Current Violence” and used it in a post headlined “Millennials are over Israel: A new generation, outraged over Gaza, rejects Washington’s reflexive support” with an even more biased subhead “Angered by the immoral and inhumane assault on Gaza, Gen Y is shaking up the conventional view of Mideast politics”.

    Really? How someone could take a survey that says one thing and turn it in to the polar opposite argument is mind-boggling. Such a blatant perversion of truth in favor of a pre-determined conclusion can only be called propaganda. The best response to propaganda is to present the Real Facts™.

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    Texas death merchants have more “up their sleeve”

    If Wendy Davis is, as Erick has so aptly bestowed upon her, “Abortion Barbie”, then Amy Hagstrom Miller, CEO of WWH, is the High Priestess of the Coven of Death. While WWH is down to seven death houses, they continue to fight tooth and nail to overturn the basic health standards mandated by HB2, which only requires that the same care offered at a hospital, or any other surgical facility, be offered by abortionists. Hagstrom Miller could simply put some of the money she pockets back into her “clinics” (that word makes me retch in this context) and bring them up to medical standards. But no, she’d rather spend the money on lawsuits.

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    The #hashtag war

    If you believe Twitter and Facebook, all of Gaza is one big schoolyard surrounded by hospitals and mosques, populated by children under 10 and women. You don’t often see the 17 to 25 year olds, masked and heavily armed, in photos. But that’s a large percentage of what Gaza “authorities” report as civilian casualties. Take off the mask, remove the weapons, and voila, a teenager.

    The latest Israel-Hamas war has a different character than any before it. Possibly different than any war, ever. It’s the world’s first #hashtag war. Going beyond #hashtag diplomacy, this war is being fought on social media: Twitter, Facebook, and blogs.

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