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    Robins AFB Can Still Have a Blessed Day–For Now

    Robins AFB Can Still Have a Blessed Day--For Now

    In a rare show of any kind of backbone when faced with religious complaints, Robins AFB reversed a security forces commander’s decision banning airmen guarding the gates from using the greeting “have a blessed day.” I worked at Robins AFB between 1992 and 1996, passing through those gates every day.  I was a raw northerner, new to the south, where Christianity is more-or-less woven into | Read More »

    Stop the Hillary Witch Hunt, She’s Been Found

    Stop the Hillary Witch Hunt, She's Been Found

    It’s well-known that the S.S. Hillary press cruise lists to port, and that fact makes predicting their next move childishly easy. Here’s a fun game.  Two stacked headlines appear in The Hill the morning. Which one will the media report as “fact”?  And where does that lead us on the other story? If you’re like me, you’d just be waiting for the catchwords  “witch hunt” | Read More »

    Hillary’s No Classified Email Claim Fails the Laugh Test

    Hillary's No Classified Email Claim Fails the Laugh Test

    Years ago, I used to be an Air Force IT contractor.  I used to manage an unclassified email system (among other things) in an office that regularly (as in daily) dealt with classified information. And I can say with some certainty that Hillary Clinton is—charitably—wrong, or lying, when she claims she never emailed anything classified, ever, in her term as Secretary of State. The New | Read More »

    Perhaps We Deserve Hillary & Jeb

    Perhaps We Deserve Hillary & Jeb

    This is as self-indulgent and blatantly ego-stroking as I get. I read Erick Erickson’s RedState piece, “The Fundamental Problem with a Jeb Bush Presidency (and a Hillary Clinton one).”  Beyond the obvious fundamental problems either of these Shakespearean-tragically flawed characters would bring to the White House*, Erick defaults to his law training:  “We are, in short, becoming a nation of men, not a nation of | Read More »

    Can a Liberal Be Christian?

    Can a Liberal Be Christian?

      Anna Marie Cox posed a useful question when she compared her faith to President Obama’s, who has been roundly criticized by conservatives such as my friend Erick Erickson, who wrote that Barack Obama is not a Christian in any meaningful way.  Cox asked “if Obama’s not Christian, what does that make me?” She announced her Christian faith to the world by writing “My understanding of Christianity is | Read More »

    Jeb Bush’s CPAC Debacle Wasn’t Saved By Bussing In Supporters

    Jeb Bush's CPAC Debacle Wasn't Saved By Bussing In Supporters

    Jeb Bush’s campaign is calling Dick Tuck to see if he’s behind the debacle he suffered at CPAC 2015. Gateway Pundit confirmed that Jeb bussed in supporters so it wouldn’t look like everyone in the room hated him (or worse, left).  But it didn’t matter, because they booed him anyway. And they left. And Slate got hold of the emails from Fritz Brogan telling his | Read More »

    Ezra Klein Breaks The Internet with Dumb

    Ezra Klein Breaks The Internet with Dumb

    Here it is: When our great grandchildren are dealing with the effects of climate change, they will look at this and hate us: — Ezra Klein (@ezraklein) February 27, 2015 This is Vox’s piece by Brad Plumer depicting Senator James Inhofe tossing a snowball on the Senate floor.  He then segues into more pretty charts showing data from the Climate Change Institute and NOAA. | Read More »

    GOP Leaders are Obama’s Cheap Date

    GOP Leaders are Obama's Cheap Date

    House Speaker , ever the gentleman—and a sharp dresser—reminds the House membership of their obligations: “Members should wear appropriate attire during all sittings of the House, however brief their appearances on the floor may be. You know who you are,” Boehner said to laughter. We know this is the most important business the House will be taking up this session. “Following the basic standards of | Read More »

    If Bill O’Reilly is a Liar, then David Corn is a Murderer

    If Bill O'Reilly is a Liar, then David Corn is a Murderer

    David Corn has joined ranks with the 9/11 truthers, and now proudly sports his own tin-foil hat. Corn said he was surprised by O’Reilly’s “use of rhetoric that had a violent tone to it,” and while he isn’t personally concerned, he does have friends and family who are worried about him. Maddow agreed that was an “explicit threat” to both him and the Times. David | Read More »

    Following Jesus Into The Storm

    Following Jesus Into The Storm

    Now when He got into a boat, His disciples followed Him. And suddenly a great tempest arose on the sea, so that the boat was covered with the waves. But He was asleep. Then His disciples came to Him and awoke Him, saying, “Lord, save us! We are perishing!” But He said to them, “Why are you fearful, O you of little faith?” Then He | Read More »