I am on a journey like all of us. I grew up in New Hampshire, attended college there, and have worked in business and technology for over 25 years. I’ve founded three companies and sold two of them (one didn’t make it). I’ve climbed the corporate ladder of “success”, serving as a business leader, CEO, and General Manager of various businesses. These days, I live in Georgia, and this blog is an extension of my world view, to help others, by planting and watering seeds of righteousness. I have a beautiful wife and two wonderful young boys. They are my treasure.


    Liberals In Neverland

    Winston Churchill apocryphally said “if you’re not a liberal when you’re 25, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative by the time you’re 35, you have no brain.” Of course, he didn’t say it. But if you choose to believe that anyway, you’d have a lot of support from young liberals.

    There’s something wrong with liberals—an immaturity of thought and a wonton ignorance of sometimes-hard truths. The reason that quote is so popular is simple: youth is full of exuberance and impulsiveness, but lacking in wisdom. World peace, Kumbaya, and Star Trek are banging around in young people’s otherwise idle minds, and totally they buy it.

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    ABC, CBS, CNN Spin ISIS Terror Attack in Sydney

    The media spin is evident even on a breaking, and horrible terrorist situation in Sydney, Australia.  CNN, ABC, and CBS are twisting themselves into pretzels trying to avoid calling it what it is:  Islamic terrorism. A armed man is holding a number of people hostage in a Lindt chocolate cafe.  He is using the hostages for cover, and has displayed the black Islamic flag used | Read More »

    Exodus: Moses the Rejected Deliverer

    If I were to make an Exodus movie, I’d take a different tack than everyone else. Everyone from DeMille to Disney to Scott has focused on Moses’ relationship with Rameses. I wouldn’t.

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    Obama Orchestrating Regime Change in Israel

    Obama Orchestrating Regime Change in Israel

    President Obama’s toxic foreign policy consists mainly of placating America’s adversaries and manipulating our friends (that and combatting the imminent threat of global warming with a one-sided American policy of economic seppuku).  Now we are learning of Obama’s latest reach into what has always been the ken of agencies like the CIA:  regime change.  Only this isn’t to topple Communism in Central America or extremists | Read More »

    BOOM! We Just Spent $1 Trillion of Your Money

    BOOM!  We Just Spent $1 Trillion of Your Money

    In the dark of the night, two weeks before Christmas, the GOP consummated their betrayal of our trust.  We voted them a majority for the next two years, and they thanked us by a backstabbing so heinous, that it moved the seismic needle on the Democratic party, splitting against and the White House’s minions. The CRomnibus was so bad for the GOP that even Hoyer | Read More »

    Fayetteville Repeals LGBT Special Privileges: A Win

    Despite the foaming vitriolic mouths of the Left, calling for the reality-TV star Duggars’ heads, and prophesying TEOTWAWKI, the citizens of Fayetteville, Arkansas chose common sense over granting special LGBT privileges.

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    I Was Not Born a Racist

    Racism is a heart problem. It’s not a blood problem or a skin problem. Nobody is born a racist. I was not born a racist, and neither were you.

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    Campus Rape: It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere

    Campus Rape:  It's Five O'Clock Somewhere

      I would begin by saying “unless you’ve been under a rock”, but I know a whole lot of rock dwellers who haven’t heard a thing about this story or the endless discussion going on, mostly on the Internet and cable news.  So I’ll begin this way:  ICYMI*:  Rolling Stone Magazine published an article entitled “A Rape on Campus: A Brutal Assault and Struggle for Justice at | Read More »

    Judd Gregg Recommends GOP Surrender

    Former Senator Judd Gregg has become a surrender monkey.

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    TNR’s Demise Voxsplained for the Rest of Us

    TNR's Demise Voxsplained for the Rest of Us

    Erick wrote with great clarity on the death of The New Republic as a pillar of progressive thought, but navigating the Byzantine maze of Washington liberal media is only for the bravest of brave hearts.  So Ezra Klein has broken it down for us in the hoi polloi by Voxsplaining what has happened to the august TNR. Before we delve into Klein’s truly dizzying intellect, | Read More »