Mom, You Need to Sign My Field Trip Permission Slip–to the Shooting Range

    Middle school students in Pueblo County School District, Pueblo, Colorado, recently took a field trip that the kids truly enjoyed.  No boring trip to the local bank to see how deposits are handled, no trip to the loading dock at the supermarket to see how food moves from trucks to shopper’s carts.  No, this field trip was all about learning gun safety and proper handling | Read More »

    Colorado Rep. Dan Nordberg, Rising Conservative Star

    The question of whether conservatism is a dying commodity in Colorado has been frequently debated in recent years.  With two Democrats as sitting U. S. Senators, a Democrat governor and a majority that voted to twice elect Mr. Obama, the conservative voice has been rather lost in the wilderness.  Once the phony Greek columns were taken down, and the hundreds of American flags left trampled under foot by exuberant convention-goers departing the home turf of | Read More »