The Other Budweiser Super Bowl Ad

    Have you seen the “Puppy Love”  Super Bowl ad from Budweiser?  It’s just as cute as it can be.   But Budweiser has another ad for this Super Bowl that hasn’t drawn as much attention.  It is titled “A Hero’s Welcome”. The ad centers on the homecoming of Lt. Chuck Nadd.  Here is his story….. Lt. Chuck Nadd knew something was up when Anheuser-Busch’s private | Read More »

    MIT Study Proves Medicaid Expansion Increases ER Use (Updated)

    A new study released today by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology provides evidence indicating that Medicaid expansion will increase rather than decrease Emergency Room utilization. CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Adults who are covered by Medicaid use emergency rooms 40 percent more than those in similar circumstances who do not have health insurance, according to a unique new study, co-authored by an MIT economist, that sheds empirical | Read More »

    Lest We Forget: Dec. 7, 1941 (Open Thread)

      ……One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. 

    Are you ready for the #WHYouthSummit?

    In case you missed it, this happened last night….. Part of this meeting included the announcement of the winner for the Healthy Young America video contest.  The winner, Erin McDonald, did a musical take-off of the song “Price  Tag” by Jessie  J., with a video titled “Forget About The Price Tag” (No, that isn’t a  joke!)  BTW, congratulations to Ms. McDonald.  Although she apparently understands | Read More »

    Breaker One Nine Patriots…..Looks Like We Got Us a CONVOY!

    Just to get everyone in the mooooood, y’all.    Trucker Ride for the Constitution  is on the road!  WHAT IS OUR PURPOSE AND GOAL? The goal of Truckers Ride For The Constitution is the restoration of our nation as a Constitutional Republic under the US Constitution, as it was given to us by our founding fathers, not the perverted form that we have today. Today | Read More »


    2 Million Bikers to DC: On The Road with Veterans in DC during Shutdown (UPDATE: VetsRoll 2013 Video Added)

    Just got word of this today.  2 Million Bikers to DC has been supporting our veterans who visited the memorials this week in DC and ran into conflict with the National Park Service. From their Facebook page: To get an image of the type of nefarious citizens that our federal government is guarding these memorials against….. Mr. Charles Grey from Arkansas at Memorial today. Mr. | Read More »

    Is the Obama Administration Using DSH Cuts as the “Stick” on Medicaid Expansion?

    Up to 75% cuts in Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) supplemental reimbursements for Medicaid and Medicare began Oct.1, which is officially the beginning of the fiscal year for the healthcare industry.  It appears that the Obama administration is willing to follow through on these cuts even though the human costs could potentially be very high.  In an ironic twist, Grady Memorial Hospital faces a $45 million | Read More »

    Hear that Roar? Feel those Vibrations? That’s 2 Million Bikers to DC! (Update 14 lineholder’s end)

    It’s kickstands up time!!   On August 23rd, Labor Union Reports posted a diary here informing RS readers that a gathering of bikers (2 Million Bikers to DC) would be riding to DC on 9/11 in memory of those who died in the attacks and those who died seeking justice for American deaths.  There is another march planned in DC for that date.  It was | Read More »

    Response to the Kossacks (Edited)

    To Erick and the moderators:  I know you guys are heading to NOLA during the next day or so for the Gathering.  I may be crossing a lot of lines by taking the initiative in responding to this one myself.  You want to ban me for it, have at it.  Background info for Red Staters:  On July 30th, Erick posted this diary requesting help for | Read More »

    Now NYT Wants to Cover Gosnell Trial?

    Five days ago, the New York Times pulled their reporter from coverage of the Gosnell trial, stating that the newspaper “had other stories to cover”. It was the only coverage by the “acclaimed” news organization since it announced the beginning of Dr. Gosnell’s trial back on March 19th, 2013. Yesterday marked the beginning of Dr. Gosnell’s defense.  Today, Judge Jeffrey Minehart has dropped three of | Read More »

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