What the spirit of conservatism means to me

This is my first diary post at Red State, so I ask every one to bear with me, please.  I read an entry earlier today entitled “Conservatism will die…”.  It was this entry that has motivated me to write this response.

Behavior modification techniques have been very prevalent in our society for a long time.  It is a basic use of the self-fulfilling prophecy principle.  This principle states that a person’s attitude, viewpoint, mindset, mentality, outlook, etc. affects their actions which can ultimately influence the outcome of the situation.  Where behavior modification techniques are concerned, it is really very simple…alter the mindset, alter the outcome.

After reading that entry, it occurred to me that it could be a situation where reverse psychology was being used to apply behavior modification techniques.  If someone wants to see conservatives become discouraged and defeated, what better way to succeed than to go to a predominant conservative website, post an entry that paints a dismal picture of what lies ahead for conservatives, present it in such a way that the outcome seems to be predetermined, undermine the individuals conservatives have to come to respect and admire in the process, and hope that the underlying message that is conveyed, implied and insinuated of “the worst is true, the worst will happen, it is inevitable, it can not be prevented, there is no hope, so why even try?” will sow the seed of fatalism in the hearts and minds of readers of the post and become a means of discouragement to them that could prevent them from playing an active role in battle for conservatives values that conservatives are facing.

If I didn’t have any degree of discernment at all, it is possible that I could have been misled and maybe even deceived by the things that were written in that entry.  I could have followed the lead of a somewhat fatalistic viewpoint that was presented without recognizing the manner in which my attitude and outlook was being influenced by those kinds of comments.

The reality for me is that I do have some discernment, so I was able to see how the things written could be a negative influence on a person’s attitude and actions if they allow it to be, and I’m not much inclined to do that.  I genuinely appreciate and respect conservative values.  This respect and appreciation runs through my heart, mind, spirit and soul and plays a part in the choices that I make on a day to day basis.  The spirit of conservatism serves a positive purpose in my life.  It keeps me to the side of what is of good in life itself.  It provides me with a sense of purpose and direction.  It provides with determination, courage and perseverance.  It provides me with the strength of will that is needed when I face a situation that demands that I stand up for those beliefs and convictions.  I can’t imagine separating myself from those conservative beliefs and convictions.  I have no wish to separate myself from them.  They live inside the person that I am and it has a spirit of its own, just like having the spirit of hope and the spirit of independence does.

I can’t answer for other people on this, but the only means by which the spirit of conservatism will die for this single individual that I am is when I die.

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