Is this what lies ahead in deportation?

For those who see political correctness as being a bit redundant, check out what Britain is up against in their own deportation battles…


“Of the 1,118 failed expulsions from April 2008 to September 2009 – the latest figures available – 644 were aborted because they were too disruptive on arrival at the airport. Another 38 were halted while in transit to the terminal, 67 were stopped when the asylum seeker got violent while on a plane and 369 were so aggressive at the detention centre the deportation never even got started.


Human rights legislation means that UK Border Agency staff can only use approved restraint methods.

Any bid to sedate the asylum seeker would be deemed unlawful. Under the rules even handcuffing the person is to be used only as a “last resort”. A spokesman for the agency said all staff dealing with forced repatriations are trained in approved control and restraint techniques.”

Uhmm….are we going to follow Europe’s lead on this one, too?

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