Another protest by those “vicious, racists” tea-party people

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“In Charlotte, North Carolina, there’s apparently a growing deadly threat to worry about.  It seems that protesters there are getting unruly these days – so unruly that local businesses have brought on extra security detail to help out the local police.

That’s what happened when one such group of protesters descended upon the Bank of America headquarters on Saturday, May 8th.  The group showed up around lunchtime, eager to protest the financial reform bill currently making its way through the Senate.  Upon their arrival, not only were they met by three Charlotte police cars and a couple of local officers, but evidently Bank of America had somehow caught wind of the event and sent out another six or so Bank of America paid security staff. As an extra precaution, the bank had also hired at least two Wackenhut security officers to augment their usual staff.  Apparently, Bank of America felt it necessary to prepare for some sort of pending siege – these are Tea Party protesters we’re talking about here.  According to our own members of Congress and their allies, they’ve deemed Tea Partiers, the very constituents they are supposed to represent, a violent, racist bunch of potentially unstable people.”


The story continues on to describe Senator Kay Hagan’s association with Bank of America. It announces a state-wide protest that will be conducted on May 12th. Also on this date will be introduction of a bill by State Senator Debbie Clary to exempt N.C. citizens and businesses from participation in any federally mandated health care.

Pass the word on to anyone you may know who lives in NC, please. These kinds of events do NOT get mentioned in local newspapers or on television at all, which makes it difficult for citizens to be aware of what is taking place.

Thanks in advance.

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