Preserving Our Nation’s History and My Own Way of Doing It

This is just an FYI diary.  Today, I went out bargain shopping with a specific purpose in mind.  I always like a bargain, so excursions of this sort are no hardship for me.  Still, I had a specific purpose in mind today.

I’ve been thinking how tragic it is that the history books used in our public school system are so vastly distorted from the books that I grew up with as a young person.  The books we had when I was a child were based on simple facts.  The books young students use today have a distorted version of the facts that fit into a specific kind of ideology designed to instill a specific kind of mindset which would lead to a specific kind of behavior…it really stinks all the way around, doesn’t it?

So I decided that I would try to find some of the old history books if I could.  If nothing else, I can pass them on to my children and grandchildren so that they might have a chance to get the “other side of the story” regarding our country’s history.

I was fortunate today, because I found the type of book I was looking for.  It is an old Trailblazers primer from the 1960′s that includes information from Christopher Columbus through The Wright Brothers.  I found it at our local Habitat for Humanity Restore Store.  (That isn’t a typo…this is what it is called).

Cost of the book:  $1

Holding onto our history:   Priceless

By the way, I also found an H.G. Wells in the original dust jacket, two first American edition Harry Potter books (book 2 and book 3) and a few other literary gems.   I’m looking forward to my next excursion.

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