A Letter to Republican Leadership…Get Your Priorities Right.

I’m going to send this letter to every Republican elected official that I can find a link to. It’s my own words in this letter, but perhaps if enough us begin to stress the point that we are looking for a specific kind of leadership and that we will gladly support them on this, they’ll get the idea.

A general letter to Republican leaders:

If you have any respect at all for this great country of ours, then you really need to get your priorities straightened out. The American people have known for years that, within the realm of politics, it is simply part of the status quo to act in a way that would be considered as “cunning” and “shrewd”. We’ve tolerated it, but those days are coming to an end.

Why? Because with each act of “cunning shrewdness”, our leaders lie to us. They act with the intention to mislead or deceive us. The priorities are on political objectives and political power rather than on providing the best leadership for the people of this nation. We’ve had enough of this. We don’t want to be deceived any more. We are finding it increasingly repulsive. It’s enough to generate a gag reflex in us every time we see it.

If you want to set such LOW standards for yourself, morally and ethically, that is your choice to make. What you can not do is define for us how we are to respond to it. Don’t expect us to respect, appreciate or admire you for it. Don’t expect us to back you up and provide support for you when you continue to act this way.

We elected you to be the leaders of this country. If you want us to continue to support you, then you really need to get a grip on reality. The hard cold reality is that one of the basic principles of leadership is leading by example. If the example provided for us by our leaders is strong and positive, protecting and preserving our country that we love, then we will gladly follow your lead. But when it isn’t, then we have a responsibility as citizens of this country to do what our leaders fail to do.

Don’t make the error of underestimating us on this point. The spirit of independence bred into us by the actions of our forefathers runs much deeper than it may seem. If and when this independence is challenged or threatened, we can resort to make use of what abilities and talents we possess for the sake of fulfilling our own responsibilities as citizens of this nation. If it means developing new business models so that we can preserve the economic future of our country, we can and we will. If it means developing new education models so that the generations behind us have the opportunity to learn the value of liberty and freedom, we can and we will. We are a very resilient society of people who have plenty of creativity and ingenuity, which we won’t hesitate to put to good use for the sake of the country we love so dearly.

Actions speak louder than words. What your actions tell us is that you are willing to sell out our country with your complacency and we are rapidly reaching a point of absolutely despising that complacency. We have no intention whatsoever of following your lead on this.

We believe in this country, even if you don’t. What you fail to do we will do. So either get your priorities straightened out or get out of our way.  Let us do what we know to be right for us to do in fulfilling our responsibilities as citizens.

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