Issa’s Report on Oil Spill Management

Rep. Issa has just turned in the report for the Committe on Oversight and Government Reform regarding the response of the current administration to the oil spill. Connect to the link for the report here.

The title of the report is shown below:


How the White House Public Relations Campaign on

the Oil Spill is Harming the Actual Clean-up

Frontline Accounts of Oil Spill Differ from Official Account on Key Points

Staff Report

U.S. House of Representatives

111th Congress

Committee on Oversight and Government Reform

July 1, 2010


The title pretty much so sums it up, doesn’t it?

On the first page of the report is the following statement made by President Obama:


I also want to stress that we are working closely with the Gulf states

and local communities to help every American affected by this crisis.

Let me be clear: BP is responsible for this leak; BP will be paying the

bill. But as President of the United States, I’m going to spare no effort

to respond to this crisis for as long as it continues. And we will spare

no resource to clean up whatever damage is caused. And while there

will be time to fully investigate what happened on that rig and hold

responsible parties accountable, our focus now is on a fully

coordinated, relentless response effort to stop the leak and prevent

more damage to the Gulf.

– President Barack Obama, May 2, 2010.


Unfortunately for President Obama, the government’s own websites and the word from the people on the ground who were interviewed for Rep. Issa’s report don’t jive. Not even close.

I suppose it is possible that the information on those government websites could suddenly change, but I’ve included the links I could find on short notice for those inquiring minds (like my own) who want to see what kinds of discrepancies exist on this one.

The EPA’s link to gulf oil spill management is here.

The GCN link tracking research ships is here.

The Deepwater Horizon Response website link is here.

The GEOPlatform link is here.

I’m going to play “connect-the-dots” for a while. Regarding the Oil Spill, of course.

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