One of our favorite people gets support (sort of) from the last place expected

The truth being told, I would rather have my teeth pulled with no meds than to visit the NY Times website for information on anything, but a short post at Town Hall piqued my interest.

So I overcame my extreme repulsion of the type of nonsense this particular source of “news” (sarc) is inclined to print and clicked on the link.

Lo and behold, I found that the NY Times has written an article that actually supports (although that support is limited to the extreme) one of my favorite people….Governor Chris Christie.

“Mr. Christie has turned out to be a far more deft politician than his detractors — and even some supporters — had expected, making few compromises as he pursues a broad agenda for remaking New Jersey’s free-spending political culture. So far, polls suggest, the public is giving him the benefit of the doubt.”

This was simply too rich to keep to myself, so I’m posting the link for RS readers.

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