Just how far will PC go? Eye rollers, Beware!

Okay, so sometimes the case for PC, or “behavioral modification techniques” if you want to get really technical, goes to such extremes that I can’t help but laugh.

We can all use a laugh from time to time. I thought that perhaps there might be other RS readers who would enjoy this particular source of laughter as much I have.

If you plan to take a trip through Elmherst, IL. anytime soon, make sure you stop before crossing into city limits and get every bit of eye rolling out of your system.

Apparently, a resident of this community rolled their eyes and sighed ( the two things do tend to go hand in hand, don’t they) at a public committee meeting and was promptly ejected from the meeting on the grounds of “disturbance and disorderly conduct”. City officials are now considering passing a city ordinance that prohibits eye rolling.

And, no, this is not a joke.  Here’s the link.

What a farce these “officials” are becoming!! Do they not have any better way to spend their time than foolishness such as this? Like on finding ways to provide jobs, maybe?

Oh, wait a minute…there will have to be compliance officers for this ordinance, won’t they?

Hey, maybe they did create a job! (Sarcasm to the hilt on this one, believe me).

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