Who is “The Forgotten Man”? We are.

For those who haven’t seen this short video by Jon McNaughton regarding his painting entitled “The Forgotten Man”, I hope you follow the link provided below to watch the video. The painting is vivid in the image it presents of the crisis that our country is facing. The brief video developed by Jon McNaughton is very compelling. This is what it is all about.

Who is “the forgotten man” in our country? We are. “We the people”, each of us as an individual, represent “the forgotten man”. We’ve been forgotten by people in positions of power in our country whose primary objective has been to further than own agenda.

But our founding fathers, may God bless them throughout eternity, knew the frailties of humanity all too well. They understood how mankind could find power and control to be as alluring as any other vice that human beings can possess and far more dangerous to society. So they wrote into the Constitution that “we the people” have the right to redress our concerns when we see government misuse or abuse the power that has been granted to them through our right to vote as citizens of this nation. It’s up to us to follow through with it be exercising our right in an effort to ensure that a balance of power is maintained.

Enough said. Follow the link.


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